Valheim: 12 Important Tips The Game Doesn’t Explain | Beginner’s Guide

Valheim is one of the biggest games on Steam right now. It’s a survival game that drops you into an otherworldly realm based on Norse mythology, and you’ll have to survive the dangers of a very weird Early-Access game. There’s so much we still don’t know about this wildly popular little indie adventure, and we’re here to share a little knowledge that we’ve gleamed in a few dozen hours of gameplay.

This isn’t a fast-paced AAA title, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way. You and up to 10 other Viking friends can work together to create a compound, explore the wilderness, craft new tools, and defeat terrifying monster bosses. All just to unlock more crafting recipes and reach the furthest edges of the randomly generated world.

Valheim was on our list of most anticipated survival games for good reason. It’s so early that documentation on the game is pretty spotty, and just about anything could change before release. If you’re one of the multiple millions of people that bought this game, here’s a few things I really think you should know.

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#1: Your Hunger Meter Determines Your Maximum Health & Stamina

Your Food / Hunger Meter is ridiculously important in Valheim. Your maximum health and stamina will lower if you’re not eating enough food. Eat constantly! You can start eating as soon as your food starts to flicker.

#2: Hold [E] To Pick Crops Faster

Here’s something I wish I knew earlier. Hold [E] when collecting crops to hoover them up much faster. You don’t have to rapidly tap [E] on your crops, you can just hold [E] and wave your cursor all around to pick everything up so much faster.

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#3: Multiply Your Meat Output

Place more than 1 cooking station over a fire for efficient cooking. You can place up to 6 over a single fire! Cook lots more — just spam [E] to grab the cooked meat and place more.

#4: What Does The Repair Icon Do?

Here’s a weird one. There’s a repair icon in your inventory. Need to repair your stuff? Just click that repair icon. You can even repair your house. Repairs don’t cost anything. Repairs are totally free — they just take time to check on.

  • NOTE: Anything in your base that isn’t under a roof will take 50% rain damage. Make sure everything is under a roof or you’ll have to repair your stuff over and over.

#5: Farm Wood The Fun Way

Wood farming is pretty exhausting in the early game. Well, it doesn’t have to be! When you’re fighting monsters — or the first boss — they just might knock over a tree or two. Those rolling and falling logs do insane damage.

You can kill yourself or monsters with those rolling logs. Or… you can push the logs into other trees and knock them down. It’s a hilarious way to save stamina and continue to collect wood.

#6: Copper Deposits Have More Resources Than You Think

When you find a copper deposit, don’t just dig it out. There’s always more copper underground. Dig up the rest underground or you’re missing out on tons of ore.

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