Valheim: Use This Simple Method To Make Taming Boars Ridiculously Easy | Boar Breeding Guide

Boar breeding is an important step in your Valheim journey. Once you start breeding boars, you’ll be able to farm raw meat and leather scraps without depopulating the meadows biome. It isn’t hard either — and we’ve got a simple method that lots of players are sharing. It made our lives easier, and it’ll make your life easier too.

You can only breed a tamed boar. Taming boars is pretty straightforward, even if the game really doesn’t explain anything about how this process works. Even the Valheim Wiki won’t help you (yet) thanks to this tiny indie game’s sudden explosion in popularity this week. There’s still a lot players don’t know, so we’re going to share a few tricks to make taming (and breeding) boars way easier.

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How To Tame Boars

Boars are (mostly) docile creatures that live in the Meadows biome — they’re a great source of raw meat and leather scraps, important resources you’ll need if you plan on surviving long in Valheim. To tame a boar, you’ll need to do the following.

  • Boar Taming – The Basics
    • Drop 10-15 food on the ground for a boar to eat.
    • Leave the area. A scared / aggro boar will not eat food you leave behind.

Eventually, the boar will eat the food you dropped. This is a pretty annoying method, because the boar might completely ignore your food. Here’s a better way.

  • Boar Taming – The Pen Method
    • Build a wooden pen with three sides (or a door) and aggro the boar.
    • Lead it into your pen, then quickly run outside and place the fourth pen side or close the door.
    • Now that the boar is trapped, drop 10-15 food in the pen and walk away.

Boars eat three types of food: berries, carrots, and mushrooms. Try building your pen around with a berry bush inside — the boar will eat from the bush and you won’t even need to waste your resources.

How To Breed Boars

There’s no reason to tame just one boar. No, you’ll want multiple boars to start up a farm and begin breeding. Obviously, you’ll need at least two boars to begin breeding. Doing it is actually pretty simple, so here’s the basics.

  • Breeding Boars – The Basic Steps
    • Feeding boars with the Hungry status will make them Happy. A boar with the Happy status may mate with other boars with the Happy Status.
    • To breed, wait until your tamed boars have the Hungry Status. Feed them, and the Happy Boars may breed. Pink hearts will appear if boars have successfully bred.
    • After some time passes, a “Piggie” will be born. The baby will eventually grown into an adult boar.

You can check the status of a Boar by looking closely at them. You’ll see whether they’re tame, wild, hungry, or happy.

Make sure your tamed boars are inside a pen. Feed them to keep them happy, and they just might mate. Also, don’t put your fire anywhere near the pens! Boars are scared of fire.

And finally — try interacting with a tamed boar. Boar love you, indeed.