Valheim: How To Start Crafting Healing Potions | Comprehensive Guide For New Players

Healing Potions — called Minor Healing Mead in Valheim — are one of those items you absolutely, 100% need to start crafting to deal with threats later in the game. Whether you’re delving into dungeons for critical crafting materials or trying to wade through the deadly swamps. And making these Healing Potions isn’t easy. You’ll need to build up a pretty good farm to start manufacturing them yourself.

Here I’m going to go through all the steps required to start crafting Healing Mead. These potions don’t instantly heal you either — instead, you’ll get a buff that heals you over time. It’s still much better than nothing, and the best way to save yourself in a pinch. After using a Healing Mead, a buff status symbol will appear on your HUD. If there’s an [X] symbol on the buff, that just means you can’t down another mead for an additional buff until the cooldown wears off.

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Every Step To Craft Healing Potions

Healing Potions — a.k.a. Healing Mead is one of the most basic and integral items in your inventory. There are many different types of healing potions, and you’ll be able to craft plenty of them with two basic production items in your base: the cauldron and the fermenter.

  • The Basics – How To Craft Healing Mead
    • To craft Healing Mead, you need a Cauldron to create Mead Base, and a Fermenter to turn the Mead Base into Healing Mead.
    • You’ll also need to acquire Queen Bees to generate Honey.
    • Mead Base Crafting Materials: x10 Honey, x5 Blueberries, x1 Dandelion, x10 Raspberries

Crafting Mead Base is relatively easy. The tricky part is acquiring the Smelter and Fermenter. There are many, many steps for building these two critical items.

To get Stone for the Smelter (and eventually Tin for the Cauldron) we’ll need to acquire the Antler Pickaxe from the first boss — Eikthyr.

  • Step #1: How To Acquire The Antler Pickaxe For Tin Ore
    • To craft the Antler Pickaxe, you’ll need to collect Hard Antler material by defeating the stag boss Eikthyr.
    • Eikthyr can be summoned in the Meadows biome. Find a Mystical Altar and offer 2 Deer Trophies — Deer Trophies are random drops from deer.
    • Eikthyr drops x3 Hard Antler. Picking up the material will unlock the Antler Pickaxe crafting recipe, which can break through hard material like tin ore and hard wood.
    • Antler Pickaxe Crafting Materials: x1 Hard Antler, x10 Wood

Once you have the Antler Pickaxe, you can start collecting more advanced materials like Tin and Stone. Stone is everywhere, but Tin is a little trickier. To acquire Tin, we’ll need a Smelter.

  • Step #2: Crafting A Smelter For Tin
    • To create the Cauldron, you’ll first need a Smelter. To unlock the Smelter, you’ll need to acquire the Surtling Core.
    • The Surtling Core is a drop from the Surtling enemy — these are found in dungeons and Burial Chambers.
    • Cauldron Crafting Materials: x1 Surtling Core, x20 Stone

The Smelter transforms Tin Ore into Tin Bars — required to craft the Cauldron. The Smelter also requires Coal to power it. You can make Coal with the Coal Kiln — which is very easy once you’ve acquired an extra Surtling Core.

  • Step #3: Crafting A Coal Kiln To Power The Smelter
    • The Coal Kiln is used to generate Coal from Wood. Input wood into the Coal Kiln, and coal will generate over time.
    • Coal is used to power the Smelter.
    • Coal Kiln Crafting Materials: x1 Surtling Core, x20 Stone

Now we’re really making progress. We have a Smelter and Coal Kiln to power it, so let’s get Tin.

  • Step #4: Acquire Tin Ore For The Cauldron
    • Tin Ore can be mined with the Antler Pickaxe from Tin Deposits.
    • You’ll find Tin Deposits around the shores of the Black Forest biome. The Black Forests have very large trees.

Use the Antler Pickaxe to collect Tin Ore, smelt the Tin Ore to get Tin, and you’ll unlock the cauldron once you get x10.

  • Step #4: Crafting A Cauldron
    • Use your Hammer (starting item) to craft a Cauldron.
    • Cauldron Crafting Materials: x10 Tin

Now we have a Cauldron to cook Mead Base. Before we can start cooking up Mead Base and Healing Mead, we’ll need one last item — the Fermenter. To craft a Fermenter, you need a Forge.

  • Step #5: Crafting A Forge For The Fermenter
    • The Forge is a special crafting table that can create more advanced recipes — like the Fermenter.
    • You need to place a Workbench and acquire Copper to unlock it.
    • Copper Ore is found in Copper Deposits in the Black Forest. Dig under a Copper Deposit to find even more Copper Ore.

Once you have a Forge, you can craft a Fermenter. We’re finally getting close to brewing Healing Potions!

  • Step #6: Crafting A Fermenter For Healing Mead
    • The Fermenter is an advanced item that can be used to transform Mead Base into Healing Mead.
    • To craft the Fermenter, you’ll need Bronze.
      • To craft Bronze, combine x1 Tin + x2 Copper in the Forge.
    • You’ll also need Resin (drop from Saplings + Beech Trees) and Fine Wood (drop from Birch Trees and Oak Trees).
    • Fermenter Crafting Materials: x30 Fine Wood, x10 Resin, x5 Bronze

Finally, finally we’re getting close to making Healing Mead! But, there’s still one more step before we can start brewing. We’ll want to build up plenty of Honey.

  • Step #7: Crafting Beehives For Infinite Honey
    • Honey is the hardest-to-find ingredient for Healing Mead, but we can generate our own forever with Queen Bees and Beehives.
    • Queen Bees can be acquired from beehives in Abandoned Houses or in the Swamp biome. Make sure to smash every beehive you see!
    • Make sure to place the Beehive outside and check it often for the honey it produces. You don’t need to do anything else.
    • Beehive Crafting Materials: x10 Wood, x1 Queen Bee

Now we have everything. We can brew Healing Mead!

  • Step #8: Crafting Minor Healing Mead
    • Gather the following ingredients to unlock your first Healing Mead Base recipe, then craft it in the Cauldron.
    • Minor Healing Mead Base Materials: x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x5 Blueberries, x1 Dandelion
    • Once you have Healing Mead Base, place it in the Fermenter. After two in-game days, it will produce x6 Minor Healing Mead!

For every Healing Base you create, you’ll generate x6 Healing Mead from the Fermenter. The problem is that it takes two in-game days to do make it. I highly recommend building extra Fermenters so you’ll always have something brewing. Especially for later in the game!

  • Bonus Step: Crafting Medium Healing Mead
    • For a slightly better Healing Potion, you can create Medium Healing Mead from a Medium Healing Base.
    • Medium Healing Base Materials: x10 Honey, x10 Raspberries, x4 Bloodbags, x1 Dandelion

The only difference is that you need x4 Bloodbags to make Medium Healing Mead. You can get bloodbags off Leaches in the Swamp biome… if you’re ready to handle it.