Valheim: 5 Early Mods To Give You Even More Control Over Norse Purgatory | Best Mods List

Valheim might be doing huge numbers on Steam Early-Access, but it’s still a very early title. The little indie survival game doesn’t have a lot of mod support, making it tricky to develop mods (and install mods) right now. This isn’t a Minecraft situation yet, but this is one game that’s totally primed for a modding explosion.

And even without great mod support, there’s still a few mods out there you can already download and play. Whether you want to customize your viking, get more control over building, fly around for perfect screenshots / video, or just want to remove some of the difficulties of this hardcore game, there’s a mod or two for you. We’ve collected up five unique mods that function with the latest version of the game. Check them out and see if you can squeeze even more fun of the surprise indie hit of summer 2021.

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#1: Ten_son’s Mod Pack

This Mod Pack includes basically everything a Valheim player will want to turn the game into a more “Creative Mode” experience. The mod includes many different functions, all basically taking away the considerable challenge in the base game. Here’s what it does.

  • Infinite Carry Weight
  • Minimap discovery radius increased (x2 / x3 / x5).
  • No Metal / Ore restrictions when travelling through Portals.
  • Press [F5] then type revealtrader to find trader’s location.

Get more installation instructions right here.

#2: nX’s Valheim Plus Mod

This mod adds even more functionality to your building, letting you modify / reposition / edit objects you’ve already placed, giving you much more control over customizing your home base. A perfect mod for builders that want more control than they’ll find in the base game. Here’s a quick list of all the major features. It goes way beyond just building.

  • Advanced building mode gives you the ability to reposition / rotate objects you’ve placed.
  • Modify / edit values for most major items. Modify weight values, reduce item weight, increase stack size, etc.
  • Remove “Building Placement Invalid” restrictions and weather deterioration.
  • Modify beehive, fermenter, furnace, and other item production speed / output.
  • Modify max number of players on server.
  • Infinite Stamina settings.
  • And way more.

Get more installation instructions right here.

#3: AkaRyu’s AdvancedBuildingMod

This mod allows you to save & load your creations in Valheim. If you want to save a template for future worlds, or want to share your builds with friends (or anyone) online, this mod is the perfect solution. The developer has even setup a discord for sharing builds here.

Right now, the mod is a little janky but totally functional. You can use console commands to generate a .vbuild file, which you can then share with others players and use more commands to spawn in your map. The map will auto-terraform the land while loading up the creation, and you can use more commands to see the “bubble” radius of your save.

It’s a complicated little mod, get more instructions on the Steam Guide here.

#4: CallMeSlinky’s Freefly Mod

Perfect for video editors looking to grab sweeping shots of their builds, the Freefly Mod gives you full and easy access to flyby shots.

Normally in Valheim, you can cheat to fly through the sky and get great vistas / screenshots, but it’s limited to Singleplayer Mode, and you have to activate cheats to make it happen. This mod cuts through all that and allows you to get flyby shots even in Multiplayer.

#5: CR_Crossplay’s Character Customization Mod

Here’s a simple one. This mod allows you to change the hair / beard of your character after creation. It’s something no other mod on our list does, and it’s something long-time players are going to be begging for after 50+ hours with the same grubby Viking beard.

Get more installation instructions and help on the mod Discord server here.