Deadly Texas Winter Storm Causes Fallout 76 Devs To Delay Updates

2020 started pretty bad and 2021 continues with this unusual weird trend of news cycles. I’m sure you are aware of what’s going on in Texas right now along with some other southern states. A bizarre snowstorm has hit the country in states that are just not made for the weather. As a result of this deadly winter storm, we’ve seen Texas get hit pretty bad with so many individuals suffering through the frigid cold temperatures. 

Residents across the entire state of Texas are enduring blackouts and frozen pipes. It’s caused quite the headache and in some cases heartaches for individuals as they attempt to stay warm. While the government attempts to get the infrastructure back in working order, we’re finding out that developers within Bethesda’s Austin, Texas location are dealing with the harsh weather as well which is delaying some updates planned for Fallout 76.

Announced by the project lead of Fallout 76 on Twitter, Jeff Gardiner, we’re finding out that the developers are pushing back some of the updates planned for the Public Test Server. Among the tweets sent out, Jeff alerted followers and fans of Fallout 76 that they are uncertain just when the updates for the public test server will release at the moment. 

That’s not the only thing being pushed back either. It was announced that the Inside The Vault video will be delayed as well. Fortunately, all of the other planned events are still good to go. For now, you can still enjoy Fallout 76 normally which if you have yet to take a dive into the game then check out our Before You Buy coverage on the title in the video embedded down below.

Source: Twitter