Valheim: How To Find Haldor The Trader | Seed, Mod & Cheat Method Guide

Haldor is an annoyingly elusive merchant that sells some pretty awesome wares in Valheim. The problem for some players is just finding this guy. He always spawns in the Black Forest, which is (normally) the biome you’ll find next to the Meadows. Just because you’ve found the biome doesn’t mean you’ll find him — he’s always in the same spot, and he doesn’t move around, but it can take dozens of hours to find this guy.

Why find him? Well, he sells some incredibly useful stuff. One of the items you’ll want to buy ASAP is the Megingjord accessory, which gives you +150 carry weight. That’s a life-changing upgrade for any Viking. You’ll also need to get the Dverger Circlet to explore dark dungeons like the Sunken Crypts in the Swamps.

Finding him is critical, so we’re going to cover some methods to make finding Haldor a whole lot easier.

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How To Find Haldor The Trader

The only merchant (currently) in the realm of Valheim, Haldor can be found in a random location in the Black Forest biome. His spawn location is determined when a world is generated, and he stays in the same spot — he doesn’t move. Once you locate him, it’s a good idea to place a portal.

Haldor’s location will be marked on your map if you walk within 2km of his location. Once you find the Black Forest biome, it’s a good idea to search in a wide radius spaced out by 2km — search the huge black fog spots on your map until you’ve found him.

That isn’t an ideal solution. Here are a few other methods you can use to find him way, way faster.

Finding Haldor With Seeds

By using a seed to generate your world, you can guarantee Haldor’s location every single time.

  • Seed Code: 42069lolxd

Yes, this really works. The seed code was shared by u/skanoirhc and the image above was shared by u/noqrun. Haldor spawns just a few minutes south of the spawn location.

Obviously this isn’t an ideal solution. If you’ve already started, you won’t be able to find his location by starting a brand new seed. There are still two more solutions to your problem.

Finding Haldor With Mods

You can find Haldor’s location instantly with a simple mod download. Ten_Son’s Mod Pack is a very simple solution that adds a console command function to instantly mark Haldor’s location on your map. If you’re sick of searching, this is an easy fix.

To find Haldor’s Location, press [F5] to open the console window, then type revealtrader. Press enter and the Trader’s Location will appear on your map. Easy!

Finding Haldor With Cheats

Finally, we can simply summon Haldor using cheats. Sure, that mod is basically a cheat — but the mod pack only shows Haldor’s location. Using cheats, we can put Haldor where ever we want.

  • To activate cheats, press [F5] to open the console window.
  • Enter this code to toggle on / off cheat mode: imacheater

Now that cheat mode is activated, we can summon Haldor.

  • Press [F5] and type in this code to summon Haldor: spawn Haldor

Haldor spawns about 1 meter above the ground. You can offset this by digging a little hole before spawning him. You also can’t delete him without mod help, so make sure you pick a good place before you try spawning him in! As with any console commands / cheats, this is the one that can mess up your game the most. I mean, a little harmless Haldor probably won’t wreck your world — but I would totally try the other methods first.

Though it is pretty nice having Haldor right in your home base. Build him a little vendor stall for maximum comfort.