Valheim: Farm Infinite Rare Materials Fast With These Seeds | New World Farming Guide

You starter world will eventually run out of resources in Valheim. Every world is limited by nature, and randomization might mean you’ll have a hard time getting certain rare resources. To make your life easier, you can always create New Worlds to harvest what you need — your same character can crossover to a newly created worth with no penalty whatsoever.

After taking what you need from a New World, you can just return to your main base with the spoils. With the right seeds, you’ll be able to access plentiful resources near spawn. Load up on Iron Ore, Fine Wood, Silver Ore or whatever else, then return to your home base with a load of resources. Because the resources are so close to spawn, you can even delete the world, recreate it with the seed code, and do it all over again.

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Iron / Surtling Core Farming Seed

The trip here is pretty long, but you’ll find a truly massive Swamp biome on the far east side of the starting island. You can’t miss it — it’s packed with over 85+ crypts, with over 1,000+ units of Iron Scrap to find. This one would take any player a long time to clear, so build a little fort outside the Swamp and enjoy farming whenever you need more Iron.

To farm Surtling Cores, which drop from Surtlings that spawn at fire geysers in the Swamp biome, just dig around the flame so the area is below the water level. Once below water level, the area will fill with water — and the Surtlings that spawn will be killed. Easy!

Silver Ore Farming Seed

The Mountains Biome is right next to spawn for this seed. If you have a Wishbone, you’ll easily be able to dig up plenty of silver ore and farm infinitely. Just delete / remake the New World whenever you need more silver.

Honey / Queen Bee Farming Seed

You’ll find easy honey 50m southwest of spawn. You can find a hive at the edge of a large clearing — break the hive, collect the honest / queen bee, then use the queen bee to create a hive of your own. You can delete / recreate this seed multiple times to collect several queens and get a honey farm going.

Copper / Tin / Fine Wood Farming Seed

This seed plops you down right next to the Black Forest — so easy access to Fine Wood, and the player sharing this seed also marked plenty of Tin / Copper Deposits you can quickly use to smelt Bronze.

Obsidian Ore Farming Seed

Obsidian is a rare ore that only appears on Mountain Biomes — and deposits don’t carry much obsidian. This seed has a mountain biome about 3~ minutes southwest of spawn, and the player sharing the info states there are four Obsidian Deposits on the peaks to mine. You won’t find Silver here though, so you’ll have to use the alternate seed listed above.

We’ll add more seeds here as they’re discovered!