Valheim: How To Make Your Home Enemy Proof | Tips & Tricks To Keep Enemies Out

Monsters are just waiting to attack your beautiful Viking village. Valheim is all about surviving the Norse afterlife, and these monsters hate your little house. To craft, you’ll need a house with a solid ceiling or the rain will wreck your crafting station. Once you’ve got a house, the monsters will appear at night to attack — especially during events. They’re here to destroy everything you’ve grinded long hours to build.

And there are ways to keep them out forever. Using some clever tricks, players have found great ways to make your house completely safe. By building deadly motes or constructing in places you wouldn’t expect, you can make your base monster-proof. Here’s a few easy methods.

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Using Unbreakable Objects To Keep Your Base Safe

Unbreakable objects are a great way to create a safe base. By placing a beam on top of a Rune Stone or a Swamp Tree, you can easily build your house high enough to stay out of enemy attack range. Just make sure to create a small gap in your stairs — enemies can’t jump! You can, so use that to your advantage.

Obviously, you can also use lots of stone to create a giant rock foundation. Trolls can still smash those — but they don’t target your foundations specifically. They’ll only smash up stone ground if you’re standing nearby while it attacks.

Using Swamp Water To Create A Killer Mote

Swamp water is full of killer leeches that don’t just harm you — they’ll harm your enemies too. To surround your house with killer mote water, just dig a hole all around your base right outside a swamp biome. Keep your base (and your mote) far away from swamp water.

When your mote is complete, then you can dig a ditch leading to the swamp water. Once swamp water touches normal water, the leeches will spread. You’ll just need a bridge to cross the mote. Like the raised house on an unbreakable object, you’ll need to create a little gap in your bridge so monsters can’t attack.