Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach Is Coming To PS5 in 2021

Almost two years after it was revealed, we finally got some gameplay from the latest game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Security Breach is a fully 3D horror game, the ninth in the FNAF series, that’s set to launch some time in 2021, though no exact date has been revealed yet.

Developed by Steel Wool Studios, the game apparently has multiple playable characters, including one security guard as is tradition; the other is apparently a child named Gregory. If you’re a FNAF fanatic, you can probably spot a few familiar characters prowling around, chasing the protagonists. A Freddy bear is present, natch. The animatronics apparently haven’t gotten any less bloodthirsty in the nearly seven years since the original game’s release.

Security Breach is set in an indoor amusement park called Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex. The blurb on the PlayStation blog reads: “At three stories tall, it’s the flashiest, raddest, rockingist, safest* pizzeria the universe has ever seen. Of course, Freddy and the band are excited to meet you! Utilizing the latest in animatronic technology, you can actually party with the stars themselves. So, on your next birthday, let Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex make you a SUPERSTAR! *Disclaimer: Fazbear Entertainment cannot guarantee guest safety.

We don’t know much about the gameplay, other than it’ll apparently feature the same security feed-watching as its predecessors. The game has now been confirmed for both PC and PS5 — and I can’t help but think this kind of a game would be a shoo-in for that PSVR 2.0 Sony is working on. Beyond that, Sony promises that the game being on PS5 “enhances the fear and tension beyond what’s been possible before” with real-time ray-tracing and the faster loading times promised by the SSD.

Source: PlayStation Blog