Valheim: Turn Trolls Into Living Farming Tools | Getting Tons Of Wood & Early Copper

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Trolls are the scourge of the Black Forest. In most cases, it’s a good idea to just turn tail and run away when a Troll emerges to smash everything in its path. Trolls are a natural disaster in monster form, and they’ll knock over everything in sight if you let them — and that’s what makes them a perfect farming tool in Valheim.

Using Trolls, you can go wild on an entire forest to collect an endless amount of wood with half the work. Or you can even get copper early — you can get other types of wood early too, like Fine Wood, but that’s a lot more challenging. We’re going to focus just on using Trolls to make yourself rich in wood… and maybe how to get yourself some extra copper too.

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Trolls Are You Friends | How To Use Trolls To Farm Wood

The method is really easy. It helps to put down a Portal so you can quickly run back / forth to the area, or use a friend to kite the troll around while you’re busy collecting, but neither of these 100% necessarily. All you need is a troll.

Trolls are giant monsters found in the Black Forest biome. To get all the wood you could ever want, just find one carrying a tree trunk club. They’ll swing wildly in forested areas, and you’ll quickly see how fast they knock down trees. To actually farm the wood, you’ll need to lure them to fallen trees so they can smash them to bits — letting you run around and collect the wood.

This even works on tough trees like Birch. Trolls can (and will) eventually knock them down and break the wood, giving you early access to Fine Wood and all the recipes that unlock when you collect it. But it takes a lot longer. You’ll really have to kite trolls to get them to hit wood that often.

You can also use trolls to mine copper early. You won’t be able to mine copper / tin until you get a pickaxe normally. If you don’t want to wait, just lure a troll to a copper deposit. Each deposit has about 6~ copper ore inside, just let the trolls smash the ground and reveal extra copper underground at the deposit. Tin is a lot harder to farm for, just because each deposit only has about 1 tin ore inside. Still, it’s technically possible!

See what I mean? Trolls aren’t just your enemies! They can also be your best pals and get you valuable loot right at the start of your adventure. Just don’t let them smash you over the head.