Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Get Free Perks, Guns & Gold Lootboxes | Outbreak Guide

The new Outbreak game mode pits your team of Requiem operators against even more undead than ever before. The odds are stacked against you as hordes of zombies try to stop you from completing different objectives on each large open-world map — and interestingly, you can complete bonus objectives to earn rewards. Some of these rewards can be pretty amazing, like a free random perk or high-tier gun.

Here, I’m going to break down exactly what these bonus objectives are, and which ones give you the best rewards. While the rewards are completely randomized, there are different types of rewards you’ll get — some give you a gold lootbox, others will always give you a perk. Some of these side-missions you’ll want to complete every single time. Others you’re free to skip. Here’s a quick rundown.

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Bonus Objectives & Rewards List

There are four different bonus objectives. These objectives will appear at a random spot when you arrive on each of the three maps — the bonus objectives will always be marked, so check your map to see which is available.

  • HVT Hunt
    • Look for an icon with three skulls on your map.
    • At the location, you’ll find a dead body with a radio. Using the radio will call-in locations for a High Value Target. Hunt them all to complete the objective.
    • REWARD: Points, Random Gun, Random Perk
  • Dragon Souls
    • This bonus objective is marked with a dragon icon on your map.
    • Starting the event will spawn a dragon head in a purple zone — you need to score zombie kills in the zone to charge the dragon with zombie souls.
    • REWARD: Points, Gold Lootbox
  • Lightning Round
    • Check for an icon with a lightning cloud zapping a chest.
    • Simple. Interacting with the chest at the location will spawn an army of zombies, specials and elites. Fight them all until the round is clear.
    • REWARD: Gold Lootbox
  • Follow The Wisp
    • Look for an icon with a glowing orb.
    • Find the orb emitting a laughing sound. Shoot the orb and chase it to collect points. Keep following the orb — if you don’t shoot it, it will disappear.
    • REWARD: Points, Random Gun

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