Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Unlock The Ray Gun Wonder Weapon (For Free) | Firebase Z Guide

The Ray Gun is back in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War — this time, it’s called the RAI-K84, and if you’re willing to spend a lot of points, you can eventually earn it from any Firebase Z Mystery Box. That’s going to take a long time, and it isn’t even close to guaranteed. If you’re looking to get the Ray Gun every time, there’s a not-so-obvious method. You just need to find the blueprint and all the parts.

This the kind of Wonder Weapon quest we all expect. You’ll have to hunt down items in weird places, kill mini-boss monsters for parts, charge power cells and generally run around the map a lot. There’s one hilarious (and twisted) animation you’ll get for extracting a specific eyeball though. The designers are really getting creative this time around. Learn all the steps you need to get the Ray Gun below.

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How To Get The RAI-K84 | Wonder Weapon Guide

To get the Ray Gun Wonder Weapon — called the RAI-K84 — you can spend 950 points on the Mystery Box and hope, or you can follow these steps.

Before you can begin, you need to turn on power. Charge all three Aether Generators to turn on power, and you’ll be able to take on the next step.

Step #1: Get The Blueprint

Once power is on, you’ll be able to access the Weapons Lab in the Motor Pool. The Weapons Lab is behind the door that requires power. In the back corner of this small room with an Armor Station, you’ll find a Blueprint hanging on the wall. Grab it.

The Ray Gun requires three separate parts. The first part is the Eye.

Step #2: Get The Eye

The Eye is located in the Scorched Defense area. Jump the sandbags and look for a burnt corpse leaning against a wrecked tank on the right side of the area. When you approach the body, a “Retrieve eye” prompt will appear.

This is a long animation, so make sure to do this when you’re safe. And be prepared for a jumpscare.

Step #3: Get The Locker Key

Return to the Weapons Lab with the Eye. Interact with the red-screen computer to the right of the blueprint location — after a moment, the drawer will open and you’ll be able to collect the Locker Key.

The Locker Key can be used to open lockers in the Barracks.

Step #4: Get The Barrel Assembly

Go to the Barracks and start opening lockers. The lockers are located between the cots — open 6+ lockers and a Mimic will spawn with the Barrel Assembly. Kill it and collect it.

The first Mimic that spawns might not have the Barrel Assembly — just keep opening lockers and killing Mimics until one drops it.

Step #5: Get The Power Cell & Charge It

Next, we need to kill a Mangler as its sparking up. The Mangler mini-boss zombie spawns on Round 15 — kill it while it’s sparking and it will drop a Power Cell. Collect the item after it dies.

Take the Power Cell to the Weapons Lab and plug it in at the desk on the right near the Motor Pool door. Just plug it in and wait for it to charge. It’ll take about a Round.

Step #6: Solve The Dart Board Puzzle

Return to the Weapons Lab and look at the computer — the images on the computer correspond to a dart board. Memorize the random numbers that appear.

Go back to the Village and enter the room to the left of the Atrium where the Pack-a-Punch machine is located. Shoot the numbers you saw on the Weapons Lab computer, then shoot the center of the dartboard to gain the last part.

Step #7: Build The Ray Gun

Once you get the last part, you can now assemble the RAI-K98 at the blueprint desk in the Weapons Lab.

NOTE: This method isn’t available yet! It will unlock on Feb. 5th — until then, you’re stuck with the Mystery Box.

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