Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Unlock Pack-A-Punch & Upgrade Guns | Die Maschine Guide

The Pack-A-Punch is a long-standing tradition in Call of Duty: Zombies. It’s the first step for every Easter egg quest, and it’s the best way to keep your team of survivors alive. Once you unlock the PaP machine, you’ll be able to upgrade weapons into unique variants with wild, colorful skins and plenty of additional power.

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How To Unlock The Pack-A-Punch & Upgrade Guns | Die Maschine Guide

The Pack-A-Punch is an upgrade station. Using it will input your currently held weapon for 5,000 points. After a few seconds, it will present an upgraded version of the weapon that does more damage, shoots faster, has a larger magazine, or adds a unique special effect.

Step #1: Turning On Power

From the Spawn, go through the structure and reach the Crash Site. Blast the debris to the caves to reach the Facility door. The door will open automatically.

From the Facility entrance, unlock the left door to the Medical Bay.

Unlock the door to the Particle Accelerator, and follow the marker to the Main Power. Use the switch inside to reactivate the Power.

Step #2: Rebuild The Pack-A-Punch Machine

In the Particle Accelerator room, two prompts will appear on the circular deck. Activate both consoles and stay alive until the Dark Aether Anomaly appears in the center of the chamber.

Go downstairs and hold the [Use Button] to enter the portal. You’ll enter an alternate dimension — a marker will appear up above at the Crash Site. Go up and find the Aether Portal. One of three will randomly spawn. It costs 500 points to use, and each one teleports you to a different locked section of the map.

Collect the machine part, and use it on the glowing spot in the Particle Accelerator room. After placing it, you’ll teleport back to your standard universe.

Step #3: Upgrade Your Guns!

The PaP Machine has been seriously upgraded this time. Now you can upgrade your weapons up to 3 times — each tier costs more points, and you can refill your ammo by interacting with the PaP machine.

  • Upgrade Tier 1: 5,000 points
  • Upgrade Tier 2: 15,000 points
  • Upgrade Tier 3: 30,000 points

And that’s it! Very straightforward this time around, but the next steps in this quest aren’t going to be so easy. Keep following us here for more secrets and hidden features you need to know about in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.