Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Complete The Main Easter Egg Quest | Firebase Z Guide

Grab your Wonder Weapons and charge those Aether Reactors, because we’re hunting for Easter Eggs in Firebase Z. The first Zombies DLC map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War adds a big dose of undead to Vietnam, dropping you into a sprawling Soviet base that’s overrun with monsters. For once, this Easter egg isn’t actually that difficult — in fact, it’s pretty possible for normal players to complete. If you’re working together and know what you’re doing, you can finish this Easter egg in 15 rounds or less.

This Easter egg quest is all about your two new friends. Dr. Peck and Ravenov are locked in separate offices across the map, and you’ll be returning to these guys often to learn about your next steps on the quest. For once, they actually try to explain things to you — sorta, it’s still mysterious if you don’t know where every device and hidden object is located. Check the full guide below for detailed descriptions for all steps.

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Step #1: Turn On Power & Pack-A-Punch

We’ve got a full guide for this step above, but the steps are very simple. Here’s a quick rundown if you’re new to Firebase Z.

  • Unlock the Equipment Storage door in Spawn to reach the Teleporter to the Firebase.
  • At the Firebase, reach and activate three Aether Generators. Once activated, you need to defend the generator nodes and kill zombies until the “CHARGE” meter is full. An Aether Generator is located in these three locations:
    • Data Center
    • Military Command
    • Mission Control

After all three generators are recharged, return to Ravenov and the Pack-a-Punch machine will reactivate.

Step #2: Build & Place The Gas Dispersal Device

After talking to Ravenov and restoring power, Dr. Peck will contact you. Go to his location in Mission Control and talk to Dr. Peck. Use the intercom on the left side of his window. After talking to Peck, go back to Ravenov in the Village to gain the ID Card.

The ID Card allows you to open larger lockers. Go and open the three lockers in the following locations.

  • Locker #1: Equipment Storage – In the first floor on the right when entering from the Village Courtyard.
  • Locker #2: Colonel’s Office – Inside the small office on the upper floor of Military Command.
  • Locker #3: Engineering – Left of the Helipad, in the lower levels outside of Mission Control. It’s in the engine room.

In each locker, collect the canister key items. Once you have all three, go to the Field Hospital in the Barracks. Inside, use the blue / red device on the table near the doors to combine the chemicals. Hellhounds will spawn when attempting to use the device, so be prepared.

Collect the Agent Delivery System to the left of the Chemical Mixer before leaving the Field Hospital. Next, travel to the OPC — the upper area outside Mission Control — and place all of the items on the Air Conditioner in the corner, to the right of the Mission Control doors.

Step #3: Trap Mimic Essence

Go to Dr. Peck and watch the cutscene after placing the device on the Air Conditioner. Zombies won’t attack so you’re safe — Peck will send you to the Data Center next.

At the Data Center, look for a computer with a brain X-Ray on the monitor. This is the Memory Transference Station — use it and collect the Essence Trap.

  • The Essence Trap is a Tactical you can deploy at any time — double tap reload when an enemy is standing in the Essence Trap to trap them. This only works when they’re low on HP.

For this step, you need to use the Essence Trap to capture Mimics in three specific areas. Not all Mimics will work — you want to capture Mimics that spawn in these specific areas of the map.

After capturing a Mimic Essence, return to the Memory Transference Station in the Data Center to bank it, then you can catch a new Mimic Essence from a different area.

You’ll know if you got the correct Mimic if Weaver says you’ve found one of the codes. Search the map — the Mimic you need will spawn randomly, so the order listed above might be different for you. The code-carrying Mimics will spawn once per round.

Once you get and bank all three correct Mimic Essences, the machine will reward you with a Floppy Disc.

Step #4: Unlock The OPC

Take the Floppy Disc to the Planning Offices — the room above Engineering — and look for a computer against the wall with an interaction prompt. Use the disc on the machine to unlock the doors to the OPC.

Now you can finally get inside that weird dome structure. There’s a strange anomaly inside — you need to talk to Dr. Peck to begin the next step.

Step #5: Using The Aethermeter

After talking to Dr. Peck at Mission Control, use the locker near his window to collect the Aethermeter key item. Using this item, you’ll need to dig up Aether Containers hidden around the map.

Before digging up Aether Containers, you need to get the Shovel item. Enter the left turret bunker in Scorched Defense to see the Shovel against the right wall. There’s an icon for it so you can’t miss it.

With the shovel, you need to find three specific locations and dig them up to collect Aether Containers. You can dig them up in any order.

  • Container Spot #1: Jungle Defense – Down the middle path at the far end near the edge of the map. Digging it up will begin a lockdown event.
  • Container Spot #2: Barracks – In the corner to the right of the Field Hospital, behind the stairs to the Data Center. The container won’t sit still — to stop it from moving, use the Ray Gun Wonder Weapon alt-fire on the container, then pick it up.
  • Container Spot #3: Open Lot – In the corner of the Open Lot near the Engineering Building window. Using it will spawn fake Containers — look for one that doesn’t have black smoke coming from the crystals.

Once you have all three containers, use the Aether Containers on the Aether Reactors. Use a Container on all three reactors — Mission Control, Data Center, and Military Command.

Return to the OPC anomaly and watch the short scene as it stabilizes.

Step #6: Align The Satellite

WARNING: Completing this step will initiate the final boss! Be prepared for a tough fight before finishing this step.

Wait a round, and Weaver will eventually contact you again. When he does, go to the Planning Offices and look for a computer with a monitor mounted to the wall in the corner — interact to “Align Satellite” and a mini-game will appear on the monitor.

You’ll control the tiny white dot. Your goal is to move that tiny white dot onto the yellow dots on the monitor — each yellow dot has a country flag, but your job is to find a yellow dot that makes a “?” appear in the bottom-right corner of the monitor.

When you find the correct yellow dot, press [Reload / Interact] to confirm and align the satellite.

Step #7: The Final Battle

After aligning the satellite, the satellite dishes in the base will generate bright red beams of energy. Go to the OPC and interact with the computer to teleport into the final battle area of the Village.

For this fight, you’ll encounter the massive Orda zombie. This creature normally spawns in the Round 30 Assault Wave, and it’s very similar here. Aim for the glowing hole in the giant zombie’s head as armies of Mimics, Manglers, and zombies spawn in the small arena.

Take your time, wipe out boss zombies and control the crowd with Decoys / Monkey Bombs. Bring Ray Gun Wonder Weapons for your entire team, and you’ll eventually win! Your reward is this ending cutscene.

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