Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Enter The Teddy Dimension & Get Big Rewards | Firebase Z Guide

We’re diving back into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War DLC. Firebase Z has even more secrets to mine, and this latest find is great for saving cash — and keeping yourself alive a little longer. We’re hunting for secret rooms as part of this mini-Easter egg. You’re guaranteed to get a free Juggernog perk or a high-tier weapon if you’re lucky.

It might not be as good as the Ghana Funeral Easter egg in Die Maschine, but this is still an easy way to collect some loot. Who doesn’t want a free Juggernog? This one is spookier but easier to complete — instead of finding lots of hard-to-see spots to shoot, you only need to find a single Teddy Bear.

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To enter the secret room, you need to locate the Teddy Bear on the second floor Atrium. Go up above the PaP Machine — you can only do this after restoring power. Look left of the door that requires power that leads to the Scientist’s Quarters. On the second floor balcony, there’s a Teddy Bear that’s slightly lit, past the banister down the blocked hallway.

At the start of a new round, look at the Teddy Bear over and over until its head turns. After a few seconds, just keep looking at the Teddy Bear and it will fly into you, automatically teleporting you into a dark jungle environment.

In this secret room, you need to shoot three glowing Teddy Bears in succession. One will appear at a time — they glow very brightly, so just run after them and shoot. Once you shoot all three, a gold chest will appear. Sprint over to it and collect the rewards before it disappears.

The gold chest gives you tons of scrap, a random weapon, and a guaranteed Juggernog perk. During the dark jungle challenge, zombies and mimics will infinitely spawn — just run away from them. They’ll all die after you shoot the three Teddy bears, so it’s safer not even trying to fight them.

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