Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Summon Your Own Ghana Funeral For A Free Juggernug | Easter Egg Guide

Here’s one of the wildest Easter eggs we’ve seen in awhile — and it’s actually pretty easy to pull-off in Black Ops Cold War: Zombies. This weird secret riffs on the up-beat tradition of funeral processions in Ghana. Instead of somber affairs, the ones we’ve seen in memes are fun, with dancing pallbearers moving to the music with a casket on their shoulders.

You’ll find a dancing undead party and Ghana-style pallbearers with this Easter egg, that takes you to a temporary Dark Aether dimension that dumps a bunch of rare loot at your finger tips. You’ll always get a handy Juggernug perk and you might even earn the Wonder Weapon in the level. Cross your fingers.

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Ghana Funeral Easter Egg Guide

To trigger this Easter egg, you first need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine. Once that’s done — we’ve got a full guide above — you’ll be able to complete the next steps.

Located in the Particle Accelerator, there are 5 blue orbs that spawn. They always appear in the same order and locations — you need to shoot them with any weapon. Once you shoot one, another will appear in a new location.

After activating the PaP, wait for the next round and the orbs will spawn.

  • Orb #1: Lower level, when facing the stairs, there’s a blue turbine to the right. Stand on the flat surface to the left of the turbine and look right toward the mess of pipes to spot this first light.
  • Orb #2: At the bottom floor below the Power Room, there’s a zombie window — face the window from the extreme right (looking in to the left interior) to spot this light.
  • Orb #3: Under the Power Room, there’s a grate with a yellow light. Duck and look inside, on the left edge.
  • Orb #4: From the Power Room, look at the opposite wall. On the upper-left hand side, there’s a vent with the light nearby.
  • Orb #5: Right exit from the Power Room, there’s two terminals facing a red-glowing background. Between the two terminals, the light appears on the chair.

After completing all five, you’ll get teleported to a zombie celebration filled with dancing undead pallbearers. Crack open the chest to earn a load of powerful loot — you might even get a free D.I.E. Shockwave! You’ll always get a free Juggernug perk for your trouble.

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