Black Ops Cold War: How To Unlock Operation Chaos & Operation Red Circus | Side-Quests Solutions Guide

There are two side-quests you can unlock in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and it isn’t as easy as previous games in the series. You can’t just play them from the big conspiracy board, you’ll have to solve two puzzles. To solve the puzzles, you need to find hidden clues in certain missions.

Not only are the intel collectibles hard to find, the puzzles can be pretty tricky — especially the puzzle for Operation Chaos. If you need help decoding the floppy disc and accessing it, we’ve got a full explanation for the puzzles and locations for all the collectibles for both missions. Doing these missions changes the outcome of your ending in a small way, and they’re full extra missions to play — so they’re totally worth experiencing.

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How To Unlock Operation Chaos

To unlock Operation Chaos, you must find three pieces of intel in three missions and solve a puzzle at the safehouse.

  • Intel #1: Nowhere Left To Run – When interrogating Qasim, make sure to talk to him instead of immediately killing him. He’ll give you a piece of intel.
  • Intel #2: Brick in the Wall – Complete the secondary objective to rescue or silence the captured German spy. In the room where they’re held, you’ll find a broadcast intel collectible on the desk.
  • Intel #3: Redlight, Greenlight – In the American Street simulation, go to the bar to the right of the Burger Town. Upstairs, there’s an Russian office with a map on the wall. Take a picture.

How To Solve: There are two parts of the password. Each password is randomly generated, so you have to solve the puzzle. The two sets of numbers come from the “Numbers Station Broadcast” — use this to find each password piece.

First Password: The first part is solved through the Front Page intel. There are letters highlighted in red — these letters form a jumble that can be decoded into the name of a US city. Match the city with the numbers on the Numbers Station Broadcast to get the first password. Input the numbers for the first part of the password.

  • Example: The red highlighted letters on the “Front Page of the Observer” intel are: S, R, N, L, H, O, E, A, C, T
    • Unscramble the letters to get “Charleston” — check the Numbers Station Broadcast intel to get the code [1, 5, 6, 4]

Second Password Part: Look for a pattern on the Coded Message. The red and black have separate patterns. The goal is to find four numbers that correspond to a city on the Numbers Station Broadcast intel.

  • Example: Red Numbers – 44 – ?? – 52 – 56 – 60
    • Answer: ?? = 48 – The pattern is that each number increases by +4.
  • Example 2: Black Numbers – 06 – ?? – 13 – 15 – 16
    • Answer: ?? = 10 – The pattern +4, +3, +2, +1.

The example gets us the code [4, 8, 1, 0] which corresponds to the city Boston. Input the password [Boston] — or whatever city you get.

How To Unlock Operation Red Circus

To unlock Operation Red Circus, you must find three pieces of intel in three missions and solve a puzzle at the safehouse.

  • Intel #1: Brick in the Wall – While infiltrating Kraus’s apartment, enter the living room (where his wife is answering the phone) and look right for a vent cover. Remove it to find this easy-to-miss intel.
  • Intel #2: Echoes Of A Cold War – After separating from Woods, you’ll climb a ladder to reunite and enter a control room with the objective to “Survey the Dig Site” — look right to pick up the intel on the table.
  • Intel #3: Desperate Measures – Found during your stealth mission in the KGB HQ. Can appear in the Records room, Data Entry, or other areas. Check each room if you don’t find it.

How To Solve: Examine the three pieces of evidence — each piece has three codenames (Ex. “Bearded Lady”, “Strong Man” and “Juggler”) — two pieces of intel give you locations, and one tells you whether the suspect is male or female.

Check all three pieces of intel and cross-reference with “Review Subjects” to see their last known travel locations. Use the three clues to match each suspect.

  • Example: Wristwatch Evidence – Bearded Lady visits Rome, Italy. Cassette Tape – Bearded Lady is male. Ledger – Bearded Lady visits Vienna, Austria.
    • Answer: Aaron Lee, Male, Recent Travel List includes Rome Italy and Vienna, Austra.

Go through all three suspects to select all three suspects and complete the puzzle. Select your targets and launch the mission.

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