PlayStation 5 Faceplate Company Is Now Fighting Back Against Sony

There are a ton of anticipated gamers waiting to get their hands on the next-generation video game console platform. Recently, both Microsoft and Sony delivered their latest console platforms into the market and as you can imagine, the hype and initial run of consoles have made it a field day for resellers. With limited console units readily available in the marketplace, there are resellers looking to make a big payday with these units online. 

However, outside of model variations for both console platforms, there’s nothing really to set these consoles apart. Right now there are just standard models so for Sony’s PlayStation you have the white and black variation model along with Microsoft standard black model for the Xbox Series X and a white model of the Xbox Series S. It’s not going to be long before we likely see some special edition models release into the marketplace for fans to purchase, but there are some unofficial variations already in the works for the PlayStation 5.

If you’re unfamiliar with the PlayStation 5, there is a shell faceplate that users are recommended in taking off in order to collect dust over time. It’s a simple plastic piece that detaches which has prompted some companies to make note of how easy it would be to make up some replacement faceplates that offer new designs or customizations. However, the first batch of sales was killed off.

This was due to Sony’s team of lawyers and at first, the company that now goes by CustomizeMyPlates, followed Sony’s orders of not selling these faceplates but instead skins. Now it looks like the company is once again going back to selling faceplates through GoFundMe. We’re not sure if there is any legal action Sony will be delivering onto the company, but this could mean that there isn’t much Sony can do from other companies simply making plastic pieces that fit on the PlayStation 5.

Source: VGC