Sony’s Lawyers Force Company To Stop Selling PS5 Faceplates 

2020 was quite the anticipated and hyped up year for the video game industry. This is the year that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, when 2020 rolled around there was a lot of uncertainty if either company would bring their platforms out into the marketplace. Thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, there wasn’t much confidence going around on what the future may hold for these video game consoles but it looks like nothing is going to stop either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X from hitting the markets this month.

It was quite an unusual year for the companies to showcase their consoles off and build up the marketing to really generate interests. Of course, one of the latest videos for the PlayStation 5 was something that answered a few questions and that was the teardown video. This video allowed players to get a look at how everything is assembled and dissembled for the PlayStation 5 even though opening up the console to a certain point will void the warranty. 

With that said, there were a couple of areas that allowed fans some useful information. For starters, there was a tutorial on how to position the PlayStation 5 horizontal or vertical. Additionally, there was the process on how to take the faceplate off so consumers can clear out any dust that gets trapped in the system. It’s a process that most of us will have to do overtime and taking the faceplate off is simple with clips. 

This has quickly prompted some companies to make new faceplates that could be used which offered unique designs or custom artwork. It would seem like this is a business that Sony would offer themselves but at the moment there’s been no word on custom faceplates or replacement parts officially from the company. However, that didn’t stop Sony from telling a company that went by the name PlateStation 5 from selling replacement and custom faceplates. 

While the lawyers came and demanded their name gets changed, it looks like Sony is going after anyone that sells faceplates. Instead, PlateStation 5 which now goes by Customize My Plates, offers skins as an alternative and that may be the norm for this console.

Source: VGC