Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Secret Song Easter Egg & Cassette Locations | Firebase Z Guide

Secret songs just won’t go away. It’s been years, and we’re still talking about the secret songs in Call of Duty: Zombies maps — this time around, it’s three hidden cassette tapes in Firebase Z.

The song is “Lost” by Julie Nathanson, something a little different focusing on the new female offspring of the long-running Maxis character. If you don’t know zombies, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about, but these weird little survival maps have ridiculously convoluted lore.

Like always, it’s about finding three tapes. The tapes are incredibly well hidden, so we’ve got pictures and detailed descriptions for all three so you won’t miss them. Especially hard when ravenous undead are clawing you while you’re trying to search the cluttered rubble.

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To unlock the secret song in Firebase Z, you’ll need to collect 3 hidden cassette tapes. These tapes don’t bring up an interaction prompt, so just hold [Square / X] when looking at the tapes to collect them. The tapes can be collected in any order.

  • Tape #1: Equipment Storage – On the first floor, it’s on one of the packed metal cabinets to the right as you enter from the Courtyard. Look in the cabinet next to the cabinet with a keypad — the cassette is in the cubby with the red box.
  • Tape #2: Motor Pool Office – In the Motor Pool, enter the right office across from the garage. The tape is on the floor, leaning against a green file cabinet, to the right of a brown desk with a boom box.
  • Tape #3: Scientist’s Quarters – Above the Briefing Room, on the balcony up the stairs, there are two cabinets between the doors leading into the main Scientist’s Quarters. Look on the smaller cabinet on the right side — the tape is on the center shelf, right side.

Grab all three tapes, and the secret song will start playing for everyone in your session. The last tape requires turning on the power to access the Scientist’s Quarters, so you won’t be able to play it until around Round 6 — but you can still impress your friends with some secret-finding action.

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