Valheim: How To Survive The Plains Solo | Yagluth Boss Guide

You don’t want to make your home on the Plains in Valheim. The most wide-open biome is also the most dangerous thanks to killer goblins and mosquitoes that prowl the landscape. You won’t want to delve into the Plains until you’ve completed the Mountains and taken out Moder, the dragon boss. You’ll need the silver (and wolf pelts) of the Mountains to survive for long in the Plains.

The Plains is packed will useful new materials like flax, barley and black metal. Black metal is plentiful, so if you’re looking to cook up some Black Metal weapons, you’ll need to raid Fuling Villages — which is one of the harder tasks in the game. There are no Black Metal deposits to mine. The plains is all about combat, and claiming new stuff means you’ll eventually have to clear out those monster villages.

Below, we’ve compiled some important, straightforward tips to help you make it out of the planes in one piece.

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The Plains are an endgame biome — the last location you’ll want to visit in the current build of Valheim. The area itself is a wide open field, where you’ll find high-level materials like barley, birch, and black metal. Unlike the Swamps and Mountains, the Plains is most dangerous just for the enemies you’ll encounter her.

There’s no cold weather status effects or poisons to worry about. Just weird little goblins and giant mosquitoes. The Deathsquitoes are the biggest problem when you first arrive.

  • Before going to the Plains, you’ll want to complete the Mountains biome and defeat the boss. Defeating the dragon Moder will give you access to high-tier crafting stations that can use Flax and other materials you’ll find in the Plains.
  • Craft a full set of Wolf Armor, and Silver weapons / shield before attempting the Plains. The better the gear you have, the more likely you are to survive.
  • To deal with Deathsquitoes, wait for their to attempt their dive attack, then counter to kill them in 1-hit. Deathsquitoes are all about timing. If you swing wildly or try to run away, you will die quickly. Time your attack and you can kill them. You can also block, and right after they hit your shield, counter for a kill.
  • Use arrows to deal with Lox and Fuling tribe. Obsidian Arrows are enough to kill Deathsquitoes in a single hit, too. Poison Arrows are also very useful for Lox — just hit them one-at-a-time, lure them to you, and defeat them in melee. Fuling Shamans should be priority targeted with bows.
    • Fuling Shamans can be killed with a single stealth bow shot. Try to go for an instakill on the Shamans first.
  • Barley, Flax, and Black Metal are valuable materials you’ll only find in Fuling villages. Barley and Flax are usually growing in a small farm plot. Fuling goblins drop Black Metal. Lox drop the best meat in the game, and can be used to create Cooked Lox meat for a quick +HP buff.
  • All the enemies in the Plains travel in packs. Hit and run to thin them out before going in. Lox and Fuling are pretty stupid so they’ll chase you if you just attack them with a bow. Beware luring too many Fuling out of camp at the same time!
  • Use your powers to wipe out Fuling villages. Use the Forsaken Power you earned from Bonemass to become effectively invincible — then pop a Stamina Potion and start swinging. A heavy weapon will make dealing with crowds much easier.
  • Don’t use your Flax and Barley for crafting immediately! Use both to create your own farm on the Plains to grow it. You might not find more of these previous resources, so if you start a farm you’ll always have more than enough to regrow and replant.
  • To summon the Plains boss Yagluth, you’ll need to find 5 Fuling Totems, which drop from Fuling Berserkers — the big Fulings. They can also be found rarely in the Fuling villages, so be on the lookout.
  • Deathsquitoes drop useful Needles. Use Needles to craft Needle Arrows or the Porcupine melee weapon. Needles are plentiful — seriously, you’ll be killing lots of Deathsquitoes. Craft about 100~ before summoning Yagluth.
  • Yagluth is a massive goblin skeleton that crawls on its belly. Take cover behind the unbreakable stones of the summoning altar, and use Needle / Poison / Ice arrows. Yagluth doesn’t have a weakness, so just stay far away and keep pelting him with arrows.
    • The Fuling and Deathsquitoes in the area are you biggest threat. Clear as much of the area as you can before summoning Yagluth. If enemies attack you while you’re fighting Yagluth, deal with them first or just run. Yagluth retains any damage you do on him.

The other bosses give you powerful artifacts required to progress in the game… but Yagluth really doesn’t give you anything like that. This is the last level of progression in the game so far — until the Ashlands in the future. Yagluth does give you a Forsaken Power when you return his trophy to spawn. His Forsaken Power grants temporary damage reduction from all Elemental Attacks (Frost, Fire, and Poison).