Valheim: The Best Seeds We’ve Found (So Far) | Best Seeds List

Valheim is an open-world survival game — y’know, a lot like Minecraft. And like Minecraft, sometimes you’ll want a really good seed to start your game on the best possible foot. Every world map is randomly generated, making certain worlds a whole lot harder than others. If you’re looking for perfect (or near perfect) plots of land that makes your entire journey so much easier, we’ve got a bunch of seeds for you to try out.

What are seeds? In Valheim, you can input a string of letters and numbers as your seed — this way, players can share their randomly generated world with others. You can input any letters / numbers you want, but just remember that seeds are case-sensitive. Lots of games have seeds! Minecraft has an entire cottage industry based on seeds.

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Seed Credit: [Steam User Blackfire 1]

#1: All The Bosses In Walking Distance

  • SEED: HHcLC5acQt

One of the best seeds we’ve ever seen, with easy access to Haldor and all 5 bosses currently in the game. You might have to cross the water to take down Yagluth in the Plains, but the rest are available right near your spawn. Haldor is southwest of your starting location — you’ll just want to avoid the deadly mountains until you’re ready.

Seed Credit: [u/Previlein]

#2: Close To Perfect | All Bosses & Biomes

  • SEED: Helloworld

A packed seed with almost everything you need on the starting island. Moder is ridiculously close to spawn, and the first boss is even closer. The swamp is large and packed with crypts for plentiful iron farming, too.

Seed Source: [u/CainsGaming]

#3: 88+ Crypts For Infinite Iron

  • SEED: 75mwCrgM09

This seed is good for only one thing — iron. Iron Scrap is required for lots of high-tier crafting, and many of the sewers that spawn in the normal worlds are so puny you’ll barely find crypts. This seed doesn’t have that problem. There are endless swamp biomes and crypts to explore. You can find the main ones marked on the map, shared by the seed finder.

Seed Source: [u/livincorrupt]

#4: Lots Of Crypts All In One Big Spot

  • SEED: t9n3WG6dFk

Don’t want to search tons of biomes for Iron Scrap? Here’s one big biome that’s packed with crypts. According to the seed finder, there’s over 1,000+ units of Iron Scrap to discover from all the crypts in this starting island biome. This is especially nice for the short trip back to your starting area.

Seed Source: [u/Goottimuikkunen]

#5: Every Biome On The Starting Island

Every boss (and Haldor) isn’t on the starting island — but all the biomes are. You’ll find every biome and basically every resource in the game within walking distance of the starting area. The problem is finding the bosses. Some of them are pretty out of the way, so you’ll need to explore the biomes for rune stones to efficiently find them.

#6: Easy Haldor Spawn

  • SEED: 42069lolxd

Yes, this hilarious name really works. Haldor appears pretty close to spawn — which is great if you’re looking to boost your carrying weight early, or get your hands on a fishing rod for infinite food supplies.

More useful seeds coming soon!