LEGO The Incredibles: All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 2: Hover Train Hijinx

Hop about the minikits express. We’re continuing the hunt for minikits in LEGO The Incredibles with another complete guide — this time, we’re tackling Level 2: Hover Train Hijinx. Helen Parr (Elastigirl) fights to stop a train, and you’ll end up getting most of the minikit collectibles in the first sequence of this stage. There’s a motorcycle chase at the start, with five easy minikits just waiting to be nabbed on.

The second section is all about, well, actually stopping the train. Here, you’ll need to navigate and find all those spots you didn’t really check earlier. There are Warp Walls, vents, hidden platforming areas, and a gold LEGO door you need to melt. You won’t explore many new areas here though, this train is pretty compact, but I’m crossing my fingers there are going to be larger (and more interesting) optional zones in the coming levels.

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All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 2: Hover Train Hijinx


There are 10 minikits in each story level. You can only find all 10 when replaying levels in Free Mode. Find all 10 to complete a minikit LEGO — usually a vehicle, but it can be anything!

To make collecting minikits easier, get the Pickup Detector Red Brick from the Urbem Heights Family Build. Use Flik to dig up the loose LEGO dirt and turn the crank to get the Red Brick cheat.

  • Minikit #1: Early in the motorcycle chase sequence, stick to the right side of the road. There’s a ramp with two yellow points — jump the ramp to get the first minikit.
  • Minikit #2: When you transition to the right side of the road and the drones appear with the police cars, shoot down all four drones.
  • Minikit #3: While inside the tunnel, jump at the end (before you reach the rooftops) through the stud rings.
  • Minikit #4: On the rooftops, instead of following the pointers and going to the left / right sides, just barrel straight through the center.
  • Minikit #5: Blast through the office building glass, then hit the ramp to the right as you get near the construction site.
  • Minikit #6: At the back of the first train car with the generator, squeeze into the tiny vent to the left. It leads to a minikit.
  • Minikit #7: Still in the first train car, find the door with a narrow blue ledge. Shimmy along the outer area of the train, then hop left to reach the minikit.
  • Minikit #8: Inside a train car further down the line, look for a room with a golden doorway and a broken newspaper machine. Fix it (Buddy Pine) and build the hopping bricks that spew out.
  • Minikit #9: Next, melt through the golden LEGO door and go right until you find a tiny vent that you can send a character with the Remote Control ability. Linguini from Ratatoille has this ability. Enter the bathroom and hit the button to open the door. The minikit parts will also appear, so you just need to build.
  • Minikit #10: Near the restroom door, there’s a Voyd Warp Wall. Use Voyd (or anyone that can generate portals) on the wall. Go through to reach the front of the train and the last minikit.

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