LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 12: The Final Showdown

Time to end the threat of Syndrome once and for all in the last level of LEGO The Incredibles. After building a rocket and jetting back to Municiberg, you’ll have to destroy the unstoppable Omnidroid with a little help from family-friend Frozone. The only thing strong enough to smash the Omnidroid is itself, and building a contraption to do just that won’t be easy! Here, we’ll explain how to finish every single step of the final stage.

There’s still plenty to do after finishing the main story. You can play any level you’ve already finished in Free Play mode — allowing you to bring any character you want and get 100% of the collectibles. You can also fully explore the city map and finish all sorts of challenges. Unlocking every single character is a fun goal, and you’ll find tons of Pixar cameos at the blue Family Build icons all over the map. Do those first to earn Red Brick cheats, too!

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Walkthrough | Level 12: The Final Showdown


Before starting the level, you’ll need to escape Syndrome’s secret base. Run down the hall and defeat all the goons, and you’ll find a Family Build icon. You need to collect all three Power Bricks to escape the base.

Let’s start with Elastigirl. Swap to her and enter the vent in the back-left wall. Next, start smashing the glowing LEGO crates to the right of the Stretch Marker. You’ll find hopping bricks that create a hamster wheel for Dash. Run on it to charge the generator and flip the blue LEGO wall, revealing handholds you can use. Jump up the agility handholds to get the second Power Brick.

The third Power Brick also requires Elastigirl. Use her on the transformation marker, and bounce up to the goo cannons. Dodge the cannon shots to reach the last piece. Now you can work together and build a rocket that’ll get you back home before Syndrome’s Omnidroid can do too much damage.

PART 1: Omnidroid Rampage – In the level proper, it’s time to start kicking butt. Run right and use Violet’s shield bubble to get through the electricity current. Have Dash join her, and he can use the hamster wheel – spinning up the wheel with Dash will deactivate all that dangerous electricity on the road.

Lift the orange strength handles on the other side to move the bus and clear the path to the giant divot in the street. The Omnidroid quickly blocks your path with two water currents. Use Mr. Incredible to throw any family member up to the handhold above, then push the LEGO mailboxes down to get hopping bricks. Construct them into a transformation marker than Elastigirl can use. She’ll transform into a trampoline everyone can use to jump over the water.

On the other side, Mr. Incredible needs to pull another set of orange strength handles, totally flooding the street. Remember what to do in strong water currents? Transform Elastigirl into a boat and add Dash to swim upstream to a construction site.

Repair the helicopter by smashing all the glowing LEGO objects and building. You’ll also find a multibuild after pulling the orange strength handles on the LEGO truck. Build left to create a Spinner Pad – combine Violet’s Bubble Shield and Dash to charge the Spinner, causing the helicopter blades to spin up.

Ride the helicopter blades up with Mr. Incredible, then slide down the tube and smash the cracked LEGO wall. With the path to the construction yard cleared, smash all the purple LEGO stuff and collect the studs with Violet in bubble form. She can complete a Psionic Construction near the bottom of the tube.

Violet will build a psionic handhold that Mr. Incredible can throw characters up to! Toss someone, and watch out for the Omnidroid blades as you cross the narrow bridge. Kick down the ladder on the other side, and Mr. Incredible can knock down the wall. We’re almost to the goal now!

Climb the cracked LEGO wall, dodging Omnidroid claws, until you reach the top of the tube – you remember, it’s the scaffolding we got to earlier. Now Dash can use the Dash Sprint pad, leading to the final confrontation with the Omnidroid. At the top, Dash can use a lift, and Elastigirl can reach a stretch marker that will transport the family to the second major section.

PART 2: The Final Showdown – For the second part of the level, you’ll need to fix a broken Family Build. There are two missing pad pieces, and four Power Bricks to collect. Start by grabbing all the purple psionic LEGO pieces with Violet’s bubble and completing the Psionic Build near the broken Family Pad – it summons a psychic drone that makes your first Power Brick appear.

The second Power Brick is really easy. Near the Power Brick we just unlocked, there’s a broken fire hydrant. Ride the spouting water up to grab this Power Brick. The third one is also very close – go left and look for debris with orange strength handles. Pull them with Mr. Incredible to reveal a third Power Brick.

Swap to Elastigirl and enter the Stretch Marker vent on the building to the left. Destroy all the LEGO stuff on the other side, and you’ll be able to climb the ladder up to the top of the scaffolding and smash through the cracked LEGO wall. Up top, Ms. Incredible can use a Transformation Marker to complete a track – hop down and use the track with Dash to get a fourth Power Brick. You can also grab the first Family Build piece here. Smash through the cracked LEGO wall at the top of the left scaffolding, then move the giant piece with Mr. Incredible.

Next, we’re going right. Enter the courtyard – you’ll need to put out the LEGO flames with Frozone. Inside, freeze the fountain too to create platforms leading to the second floor balcony. Up top, smash through the cracked LEGO wall to get the second Family Build piece.

There are still two more Power Bricks we need. Enter the building behind the second Family Build, and use Elastigirl on the Stretch Marker to reach the third floor – there’s a Power Brick inside! The final Power Brick is to the right of the fountain. Use Elastigirl to grapple the big cup on the sign. Pull it down, then transform into a trampoline to reach it.

That’s all six Power Bricks! Before you can take down the Omnidroid, you’ll also need to use Frozone to freeze-up some ice handcuffs to keep the giant robot from generating too much wind. Find the Frozone ice marker near the Family Build. When you’re ready, use the Family Build to end the Omnidroid once and for all!

The Family Build constructs a weirdly complicated machine. At least, it looks really complicated. Enter the wheel with Dash to spin the device up, then combine Dash / Violet to use the Spinner. Stretch up to create a rope, then swap to Mr. Incredible to use the strength handles and launch, totally destroying the Omnidroid.

As a reward, you’ll get a quick little mission where you can destroy the entire city with the Omnidroid. Just get rolling and smashing! When you earn 100% destruction, you’ll complete the level. Enjoy all those free studs, then get rolling on Free Play and completing the many, many challenges in the open world city. There’s still so much left to do!