LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 6: Screenslaver Showdown

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The international summit to legalize supers is under attack in LEGO The Incredibles. In Level 6, you’ll finally get a showdown with the Screenslaver — it’s the kids versus the adults in a desperate attempt to save the city before the hydroliner crashes into the coast. Jack-Jack, Violet and Dash must sneak through the underbelly of the beast, avoiding mind-controlled heroes, to save their parents.

Screenslaver’s plan finally becomes clear. She wants to trick the world and make them think super heroes are actually evil, forcing the mind-controlled supers to take control of the summit and crash the ship into New Urbem. Screenslaver wants to outlaw heroes forever. Stop that from happening with the full guide below.

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Walkthrough | Level 6: Screenslaver Showdown


Time for the final encounter! Drive the car to the Hydroliner – it can transform into a boat! The level marker is floating in the middle of the water when you get close to the ship. This time around, the kids have to save the parents. Both Helen and Bob Parr are mind-controlled, so Violet (with Dash and Jack-Jack) have to sneak aboard the ship to save everyone.

PART 1: Sneaking In The Ship – In the ship’s under-decks, enter the laundry room and smash all the LEGO clothes to create a Spinner. Combine Dash with Violet’s Bubble power to open the laundry machine, revealing a Wheel. Run on the Wheel with Dash to overcharge the door and unlock the next room.

Ahead, use Violet to sneak past Voyd and turn the crank. The crank will break, so return (with the crank) and place it in the slot to the left. Turn this crank to unlock a vent that Dash can enter. Down the vent, Dash can spin a valve of his own to distract the mind-controlled heroes.

Now Dash can exit the vent and go right, under the gate and interact with the switch to open it. When the gate is lifted, Violet can go through and use the Tech Access panel. Ride the lift up, and you’ll enter a burning hallway. Avoid the fire and smash all the purple LEGO objects, then collect the debris with Violet’s bubble shield. Use the purple pieces to construct a rattle near the gold LEGO door! That’ll attract Jack-Jack.

Jack-Jack will melt the door and join your team. The kitchen is burning up, so you need to collect Power Bricks to use the Family Build and stop the inferno. Start by entering the fire to the left with Jack-Jack. Next, go right and use regular Jack-Jack to lift the oven. The last piece is in the back of the room. Swap to Monster Jack-Jack and smash through the cracked wall.

Complete the Family Build and use Violet+Dash to activate the spinner, putting out all the fires and sending the kids straight into the final hero encounter.

PART 2: Super Showdown – Up in the Control Room, Jack-Jack frees Elastigirl from the Screenslaver goggles. But, you’ll still have to defeat Mr. Incredible! Watch out for his ramming attacks, and run away when Frozone tries to freeze you with his ice beam. Wait for Mr. Incredible to get tired out from charges, then attack him!

After each hit, Mr. Incredible will hide while Frozone creates a protective barrier of ice around him. Defeat all the incoming Screenslaver goons, and you’ll be able to continue the fight against Mr. Incredible. Keep fighting until Frozone starts summoning icycles on the ceiling. Eventually the falling ice will reveal a vent cover.

Use Dash to enter the vent, then smash everything in the engine room. Construct the loose bricks to create a Wheel Dash can run on, overloading the engine. The ship is heading straight for the city! After destroying the engine, build the hopping bricks with Elastigirl and use the Incredible Pad to grab Frozone. Now one of the kids can use Frozone like a turret! Aim for Mr. Incredible and freeze him.

There’s still one more hero to fight. Voyd appears and helps Mr. Incredible teleport all around the room. Swap to Frozone (who just joined your team!) and use his ice beam to freeze Mr. Incredible. While he’s on ice, use the Ice Marker under Voyd to create a ramp.

The ramp tricks Mr. Incredible, sending him flying into Voyd and finally freeing them both from Screenslaver’s control. With that done, you’ll complete the story for The Incredibles 2! Screenslaver is brought to justice (with the whole team free, it’s a cinch) and supers are legal once again. For completing this story, you’ll unlock The Incredibles 1 story so you can experience the past adventures of the world’s favorite super family.

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