LEGO The Incredibles: All Red Brick Locations | Cheats Guide

Enjoy all the best cheat codes in LEGO The Incredibles with these Red Brick locations. If you’ve never played a LEGO game, then you need to know about Red Bricks. This extremely rare collectible is (usually) hidden, and allows you to toggle on or off special “cheats” that make the game much, much easier. The best of the bunch is the stud multiplier cheat — you can combine multiple stud multipliers, too!

This time around, all the Red Bricks are located in the large open-world city. You’ll need to locate and construct Family Builds, and they’re all references to Pixar movies past. Toy Story, Finding Dory, Wall-E, Up, Coco and more are all represented with fancy LEGO buildings based on locations from the films. You’ll also get a character from each movie — they’ll usually help you unlock the Red Brick with their unique powers, so give those new characters a try!

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All Red Brick Locations | Cheats Guide


Red Bricks are rare collectibles in LEGO The Incredibles that unlock special cheats in the Extras menu. Spend studs to purchase the cheats, then toggle them On / Off in the Extras — everything can be stacked, so you can add multiple stud multipliers to gain studs super fast.

  • Red Brick #1: Classic Mode – Found in Outer Municiberg, in the top-right corner of the area. Build the tree house (Family Build) to unlock Spot. Dig up the dirt pile right in front of the tree house.
  • Red Brick #2: Pickup Detector – In Urbem Heights, find the Family Build in the center of the area. You’ll get Flik — use him to dig up the dirt behind the cart and in front of the cart. Turn the crank in the cart to get the red brick.
  • Red Brick #3: Destroy on Contact – Go to the Financial district and look on the left side for the Family Build spot at the empty lot between the construction site. You’ll get Russel, who can track — find the tracking spot in the front yard of the house. Build the bricks you dig up and climb up into the attic of the house. Break all the glowing objects and build them to make the red brick appear in the front yard.
  • Red Brick #4: Edna Mode… Mode – Check out the Docks and find the Family Build to build the Monster’s Inc facility. Smash everything inside the building, build the monster, and use the red button.
  • Red Brick #5: Fast Interact – Go to the top-right corner of the Residential district and use the Family Build. Find the lava pool in Imagination Land and hop across all the blue spots until you get jump onto the middle button. Build the chess piece to get your brick.
  • Red Brick #6: Invincibility – In the top-right corner of the Waterfront district, find the Family Build. You’ll build a race track, so it’s time to race. Start the race (a super-speed hero works best) and sprint to each waypoint. Complete the race in less than 1:40 to get the red brick.
  • Red Brick #7: Stud Magnet – Find the Family Build in the center of the Tourist district. You’ll build a Pizza Planet on the empty lot. Use the grapple point on the rocket behind the pizza place, then use the wheel on the grabber machine inside. Crank the wheel to grab the red brick.
  • Red Brick #8: x10 Studs – The best stud multiplier is in the top-left corner of the Industrial district. Use the Family Build to get Wall-E! Use his laser to cut open the huge truck — break both gold LEGO objects. Break the shelf in the truck and build a switch, then use that switch to get the brick.
  • Red Brick #9: x8 Studs – In the lower section of Downtown, find the Family Build and you’ll get Linguini from Ratatouille. Inside the kitchen, use Linguini to send his favorite rat pal up the tube. Push the LEGO at the top to make the red brick appear.
  • Red Brick #10: x6 Studs – On the right side of the Waterfront district, find the Family Build to construct the De La Cruz mansion. Construct the hopping LEGO bricks inside the mansion to get the brick.
  • Red Brick #11: x2 Studs – Up in the City Park, find another Family Build and construct a house from Brave. Use Merida’s shooting ability on the target to open the door, then smash everything and construct the hopping bricks. When the pot starts to boil, the red brick will appear.
  • Red Brick #12: Swing Mode – The easiest red brick is at the Waterfront, with a view of the ocean. Use the Family Build to unlock Dory and a reef that sinks underwater. Swim underwater with Dory and break all the blue LEGO objects to open the clam in the center with the last red brick.