LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 2: Hover Train Hijinx

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Monorail, monorail, monorail! Level 2: Hover Train Hijinx is all about an out-of-control monorail in LEGO The Incredibles. The evil villain Screenslaver is causing chaos in New Urbem, and only Helen Parr (a.ka. Elastigirl) can stop the bad guy with help from her new team of sponsored heroes.

Let’s back-up. If you haven’t been following the story of The Incredibles 2, a new figure has appeared in Helen’s life — the CEO of Devtech wants to make heroes legal again. He’s formed a team and they’re working together to show the world how great heroes can be. That means there’s a whole team of strange supers — including Voyd, Reflux, Brick, and Helectrix.

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Walkthrough | Level 2: Hover Train Hijinx


Before you begin Level 2, you’ll need to do a few things – mostly explore the house, unlock Frozone, and complete a Crime Wave! When a Crime Wave is occurring, you’ll need to travel to the region and complete small mini-quests for the different people in need of help. Just follow the icons – you’ll find lots of other little mini-objectives you can complete in these areas, but only the civilian quests need to be complete. Finish both, and you’ll be able to start the second level.

PART 1: Motorcycle Chase – When you first start the level, you’ll be in control of Helen on the Elasticycle. Avoid incoming traffic (but don’t worry, it won’t stop you!) and try to jump through the LEGO stud hoops to bonus points. The chase will lead you through the streets, down into the tunnels, and up onto rooftops until you finally catch up to the runaway monorail with your ally Helectrix. Right at the start, you’ll find a Family Build Marker that needs four Power Bricks. Time to start searching!

PART 2: Stopping The Monorail – You need four Power Bricks to stop the monorail, so let’s get started. Move right and drop down when you reach the end of the rails. At the big gap, hop over and grab the first Power Brick, then return to the left car and use the Stretch Marker with Elastigirl to get through the vent. Stretch inside and pull the switch to unlock the doors.

Now you can get inside the train car. In the seating area, you’ll have to fight some mind-controlled goons, then you can get into the left room. Pull the Grapple Spot with Elastigirl to free the second Power Brick and a big pile of hopping bricks. They build into a Generator – swap to Helectrix to power-up the generator to reach the next train car.

In the second car, a mind-controlled bystander will run into the right train. Use the Hacking Terminal near the locked door (on the right) and connect the colors together to open the restaurant. When the Ice Cream Bar is open, start smashing glowing LEGO objects. Build the hopping bricks to create a soda pop battering ram! It’ll slam into the door. Now you can grab the third Power Brick.

One final Power Brick, and one final train car. Jump the gap and use Elastigirl (Helen) to enter the vent at the Stretch Marker. Smash all three generators in each vent to unlock the train car. Now Helectrix can hop across the handholds to get inside. Fight all the mind-controller LEGO people to unlock the door to the last Power Brick.

We now have all four bricks. Use the switch to reveal another power generator (Helectrix can charge it!) then travel back to the first train car roof where the Family Build marker is located. After charging the generator, a ladder will appear. Switch to Elastigirl and use the Stretch Marker to create a bridge. Charge the second generator that appears on the roof of the train car.

Back at the Family Build, construct the giant hook and push the green turnstyle to stop the train. It’s just like the monorail in the Simpsons – a grappling hook saved the day! For completing Level 2, you’ll unlock Helectric and Elastigirl (Devtech).

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