LEGO The Incredibles: All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 10: Return To Nomanisan Island

Return To Nomanisan Island for a second round and collect another set of minikits in LEGO The Incredibles. In Free Play, you’ll be able to fully explore Syndrome’s lair.

You can knock around bad guys, fly around the hidden fortress, and then go searching the inner sanctum where Syndrome makes his plans a reality. Don’t forget to go unlock extra Pixar characters in the open-world city to fully unlock everything on this island — grabbing a character that can fly, like Syndrome himself, will make things way easier.

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All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 10: Return To Nomanisan Island

There are 10 minikits in each story level. You can only find all 10 when replaying levels in Free Mode. Find all 10 to complete a minikit LEGO — usually a vehicle, but it can be anything!

To make collecting minikits easier, get the Pickup Detector Red Brick from the Urbem Heights Family Build. Use Flik to dig up the loose LEGO dirt and turn the crank to get the Red Brick cheat.


  • Minikit #1: Drop down and enter the Crawl Hatch in the bottom-left of the first room.
  • Minikit #2: For the second minikit, you’ll need to destroy five pictures of Syndrome in the large area. Swap to Syndrome to fly around and smash all five pictures – one is on the far left, one is near the laser fence, one is to the left of the room sealed by blue lasers, one is on the right of the red laser fence, and the last one is above the exit elevator.
  • Minikit #3: Fly up to the second floor balcony and use Mind Control to hit the switch behind the blue laser fence. Use Screen Slaver or any other mind-controlling character.
  • Minikit #4: On a platform leading to the exit lift, there’s a blue LEGO glass. Use Sonar – Screech of Miguel can do it – to break the glass.
  • Minikit #5: Inside the lava lobby, you need to break and build four LEGO objects. One is the the front-left corner. One is on the left wall. One is near the big picture of Syndrome, and one is in the front-right corner of the room.
  • Minikit #6: Inside the massive secret chamber, start by going left. In the room with the conveyor belt you need to sneak through, cut through the gold LEGO wall on the left with any laser character.
  • Minikit #7: To the right, after pushing down the blue LEGO generator, Violet can walk through the red lasers and reach this hard-to-spot minikit.
  • Minikit #8: In the last control room, use the Electricity Generator before leaving the left wing of the area.
  • Minikit #9: On the bottom level of the tall tower on the right side, circle around to find a red laser cage. Use Violet’s shield to get inside.
  • Minikit #10: Reach the mid-level of the tower and circle until you find grapple points. Use Elastigirl to swing across both grapple points to unlock a cell with a minikit.

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