LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 3: Revelations

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Save the Ambassador, save the world. In Level 3: Revelations of LEGO The Incredibles, you’ll split time between Jack-Jack Parr’s epic battle, and Helen’s super adventures. Screenslaver, the villain introduced in the previous level, strikes again and this time he’s targeting the local ambassador that’s sympathetic to legalizing super-heroics again.

As Jack-Jack, it’s all about a raccoon. A villainous raccoon is scrounging around the Parr family’s trash, and Jack-Jack swoops in to fight the critter using all his powers. It’s completely ridiculous. Learn how to complete both sections of the game with our full guide below, and check out the video to see everything in action.

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Walkthrough | Level 3: Revelations


Before this level can begin properly, you’ll need to complete a quick rescue mission. Swap to Helectrix to enter the electricity and complete the LEGO build, then zap the generator. That activates a lift with all the scratching posts a kitty cat could ask for. Now you can enter the TV Station!

PART 1: Baby Versus Raccoon – For the first few minutes of this level, you’ll play as Jack-Jack Parr as he fights a raccoon. That sounds pretty ridiculous. And it is. Hold the swap character button to select different forms of Jack-Jack. He can select (Fire) or (Monster) forms!

To get started, the raccoon will toss hopping bricks toward Jack-Jack. Construct the bricks to create a delicious meal, then interact again to launch the turkey dinner into the trash can. The raccoon summons an army of buddies, and reveals a golden LEGO canister. Swap to Jack-Jack (Fire) and hold [Circle / B] to melt the gold with his fire beam.

Tap buttons when you begin the brawl with the raccoon until you reach the pool area. The raccoon is using a water gun to cool off Jack-Jack’s burning temper. To defeat him, smash the glowing LEGO objects – you can build multiple projects with these bricks, but hold left while constructing to create the giant crossbow. Turn the crossbow crank to blast the raccoon and begin a second wrestling match.

After another epic battle, swap to Jack-Jack (Fire) and use the fire beam on the golden LEGO umbrella stand. Complete this third battle against the raccoon to end this section and cut to Helen Parr.

PART 2: The Ambassador’s Aerocade – Screenslaver strikes again! This time the villain is targeting the ambassador’s helicopter aerocade. You’ll start hanging from a ledge. Move right to drop down onto a solid platform. Smash the LEGO object under the door to create a dash pad that will send Helectrix and Elastigirl to the other side of the chopper. When you reach the door, a convenient mid-air collision will tear the wall off, allowing the pair of supers to get inside.

In the first chopper, smash the glowing LEGO tables and build a Grapple Point that Helen can use. In the engine room, use Helectrix to power up the generator, then use the Tech Access terminal in the previous room. To get inside the cockpit, swap to Helen and use the Stretch Marker to reach the glowing LEGO object through the vent. Smash it and the doors will open!

After another crash, it’s time to reach the Ambassador! From below, Helen can use a Stretch Marker to make a bridge between the two choppers. Run across with Helectrix and drop down onto the broken wing. Only Helen can swing across the big gap – you’ll need to use the Grapple Point to the left to bring Helectrix over. Use the Tech Access Terminal that reveals itself behind a LEGO panel.

Hop across the red LEGO spots to swing into the second chopper. This time, Screenslaver is waiting for you! Defeat the guards, then smash the glowing LEGO object high on the wall in the front-left corner. That reveals a vent that Helen can stretch into! Press the button through the vent to unlock the engine room door. Power up that generator with Helectrix!

To defeat Screenslaver’s monitor bank, you can construct in multiple directions. Here’s the order you want to build the hopping bricks: right, up, left. If you build in that order, you’ll knock each screen into the empty slot, completing the electricity circuit and disabling all the screens in the chopper.

That will trigger the final cutscene, showing Helen slingshotting the Ambassador to safety as the helicopter crashes into the city. For your hard work, you’ll unlock Jack-Jack Parr at the end of the level.

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