LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 4: Elastigirl On The Case

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Elastigirlis on the verge of discovering the identity of the evil Screenslaver in Level 4 of LEGO The Incredibles. The nefarious villain has a rental lair in an old apartment building, and the place is full of strange surprises. Helen Parr isn’t going alone — she’s joined by another new hero pal named Reflux. He has the power to barf acid / lava. It’s kind of gross, but totally useful when you need to melt gold LEGO objects.

This mission is all about Elastigirl, but it quickly turns into a wild chase as the heroes try to stop an escaping Screenslaver. The villain uses all the tricks he can, including pulling the fire alarm, to cover his nefarious escape. Here’s everything you need to know to solve the Screenslaver’s lair and complete the level with all your LEGO pieces accounted for.

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Walkthrough | Level 4: Elastigirl On The Case


To start this mission, you’ll need to glide toward the apartment building with Reflux. Elastigirl is following Screenslaver’s signal, hoping to locate the villain’s hidden lair. It’s a very short trip to reach the level proper, so let’s dive in.

PART 1: Screenslaver’s Lair – After sneaking into Screenslaver’s lair, you’ll quickly encounter a Family Build. You’ll need to find three hidden Power Bricks to unlock the gate and (hopefully!) find the identity of Screenslaver.

The first Power Brick is to the left. Go into the kitchen and find the Stretch Marker in the corner. Stretch up to create a “rope” for Reflux so he can climb up! Cross the wooden beams, then use Reflux’s acid spit to melt the gold LEGO object in the corner. When that’s destroyed, the first Power Brick can be collected down below.

For the second Power Brick, smash all the glowing LEGO objects on the desk in the center. Take the red crank, and use it on the machine on the right-most wall. Turn the crank, and the machine will spit out a Power Brick!

To get the last Power Brick, melt the golden LEGO object under the shelf, to the left of the desk. Use Reflux to melt the gold stuff! When the path is clear, travel through the maze, hitting switches and using Helen’s stretchy powers to unlock the gates blocking your path. You’ll find the final Power Brick at the end of the path.

Use the Family Build to create a giant claw! Push the green turnstyle and you’ll open the gate, even if you probably didn’t need a giant claw to get through. On the other side, you’ll encounter Screenslaver! To defeat him, attack while he’s stunned after a charge.

PART 2: Screenslaver Chase – Screenslaver isn’t about to give up. After beating him, he’ll retreat through the apartment building. Follow him down the hall, jumping over the fleeing people, and bust through the wooden barricade.

Swap to Helen in the stairwell and use her stretchy arms to grab the Grapple Point. When you pull the busted stairs down, you’ll find a Stretch Marker. Use it with Helen to create a rope for Reflux to climb. Push the heavy vending machine down, then swap to Helen to build the hopping LEGO bricks. She’ll build a cannon! Hop in with Helen, then melt the fuse with Reflux.

The door forward is now busted open. After a quick chase down another hallway, you’ll follow Screenslaver into an elevator shaft. Use the Grappling Hook Spot with Helen, then melt the exposed gold LEGO to drop the lift. Now you can climb back up to continue following Screenslaver.

Chasing him down the last hallway, you’ll finally catch him! For completing this stage, you’ll unlock Reflux in your collection. That only leaves two more levels for The Incredibles 2.

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