LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 11: Above Parr

It’s a family affair in LEGO The Incredibles as Elastigirl, Violet and Dash borrow a plane and go visit Syndrome’s lair on Nomanisan Island. Mr. Incredible is in danger, and thanks to a tracking device planted by Edna Mode, Elastigirl can find easily locate her lost husband. The problem is the missiles Syndrome uses to protect his evil lair.

In this level, you’ll join the Parr family as they tumble out of the sky. Landing in the ocean, the three super-powered people must build an escape route, then survey the island from a handy beach cave. The place is crawling with even more bad guys, and it all leads into a crazy chase sequence with the kids. Dash and Violet combine their powers to take down Syndrome’s goons, while Elastigirl rescues Mr. Incredibles. We’re at the home stretch now — just one more level to go on our full walkthrough.

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Walkthrough | Level 11: Above Parr


Before we can begin the penultimate level, you’ll have to navigate Edna Mode’s basement. Complete the Tech Access terminal outside her door and head inside – the costume catwalk is broken! To fix it, run across the room and enter the vent with Elastigirl. Push the big battery into place and good to go.

PART 1: The Plane Crash – At the start of the mission, Elastigirl realizes Mr. Incredible has been lying – he isn’t at a work convention, he’s been going on secret missions! She leaves to rescue him, but before the she can land her plane, missiles strike and send the kids careening toward the ocean. For this first part of the level, you don’t need to do much. Just move the kids and try to collect as many studs as you can while falling – look for the blue circles! Those give you the most points.

To escape the smoldering wreckage, you’re going to need three Power Bricks. There’s one in a cage, floating left of the Family Build. To open the cage, smash the LEGO on the platform in the foreground (left-ish) and build a grapple point for Elastigirl to use. The Power Brick will sink, so swap to Violet and enter shield mode (hold [Circle / B] to summon a shield) then float underwater to collect the Power Brick.

The second Power Brick is inside the crashed plane’s hull. Go to the background and enter the vent with Elastigirl. She can push down a LEGO ladder so Violet can reach the upper floor. At the top, Violet can use her hacking skills on a Terminal Access. Solve it to unlock the door and get the Power Brick.

The last Power Brick is to the right of the Family Build, floating too high to reach. Go to the front-right corner of the area and smash the big brown LEGO box. The hopping bricks create a spinner – combine Violet’s Shield power with Dash to activate the turbine and move the little LEGO boat toward the Power Brick. To actually get it, jump onto the little boat with Elastigirl and stretch up – a stretch marker will appear.

Now you can complete the Family Build. It’s a ramp – turn into a raft with Elastigirl and jump on with Dash to speed out of the wreckage and tread toward the island.

PART 2: On the Beach: It’s time to infiltrate! Use Violet’s shield to get through the laser wall, then smash the purple LEGO flowers to collect enough parts for a psionic build. Keep Violet’s shield active to collect the psionic LEGO bricks that drop. When the purple meter is full, she can build.

You’ll also find a multi-build behind the laser fence. To disable the laser fence, us the big switch to the left. Build left with the multi-build and use Dash+Violet to charge the Spinner Pad. Create a rope with Elastigirl on the Stretch Marker, then climb up and smash the last psionic flower, dropping the last psionic parts Violet needs to complete her psionic build. Smash the multi-build and build right this time – now Dash can charge across the track Violet just built.

At the top, attack the LEGO rock to lower a vine for everyone to climb up. You’ll need Elastigirl to swing across the waterfall, then use the Stretch Marker to create a bridge for the kids to cross. There’s another laser wall ahead – use Violet’s shields, use the switch, then enter the vent with Elastigirl.

Beat up all the henchmen in the break room and use the switch on the far left wall. Now everyone can enter the secret lair! Go inside and smash the glowing LEGO furniture on the right to create a Charge Wheel. Hop in with Dash to recharge the generator – you can ride up now.

At the top of the waterfall, there are plenty of enemies waiting for you. Defeat them all, then hop into the river rapids. The current is strong here, to swap to Elastigirl and transform into a boat. Then hop in with Dash and Violet – Dash’s super-speed can beat the current and get everyone inside the cave.

Inside the cave behind the waterfall, use Violet’s shield to get through the laser wall and hit the switch on the left. Next, you need to disrupt the tram – smash the LEGO pillars to make the tracks topple. Build the hopping bricks, and you’ll create a hot air balloon.

The level isn’t quite over yet! There’s a big chase sequence (or two) to complete. There’s no real way to fail these, so just enjoy the show and grab all the points you can. That’s it for this level – next time, we’re returning home for a final showdown.

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