LEGO The Incredibles: All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 1: Under-Mined

Find all 10 minikits in LEGO The Incredibles with the first location guide, showing you how to 100% Level 1: Under-Mined. Every level has three gold bricks and 10 minikits — and earning them all is easy. Grab all minikits to earn a gold brick, and fill your meter to the that second gold brick. Getting all the studs you need is easy. Just complete all the Pixar Family Builds in the overworld and unlock the stud multiplier cheats to easily become a True Super on every single level.

Getting all the minikits is slightly harder. You’ll want to return to levels through Free Play — open the map menu and scroll left to reach the level select. Here, you can replay any level in the story with all your current characters unlocked. You’ll want to unlock as many characters as you can first. Complete Family Builds and open Mystery Bags to get the characters you need.

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All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 1: Under-Mined

There are 10 minikits in each story level. You can only find all 10 when replaying levels in Free Mode. Find all 10 to complete a minikit LEGO — usually a vehicle, but it can be anything!

To make collecting minikits easier, get the Pickup Detector Red Brick from the Urbem Heights Family Build. Use Flik to dig up the loose LEGO dirt and turn the crank to get the Red Brick cheat.


  • Minikit #1: Use explosives to destroy three silver LEGO objects in the first area, on top of the giant digger, after smashing through the cracked walls with Mr. Incredible.
  • Minikit #2: Near the vent at the end of the area where you’re stuck on top of the giant drill. Smash the left cracked LEGO wall with Mr. Incredible to find this one.
  • Minikit #3: Collect the glowing blue LEGO stuff on the left wall in the same area with the silver LEGO objects. Lift up the blue LEGO with super-strength, then use the Ice Marker.
  • Minikit #4: In the area with the Family Build, fly above the toxic waste to the right. Any flying character can find it.
  • Minikit #5: To the left of the Family Build, use a bomber character to destroy the silver LEGO objects, then crawl through the vent and jump across the agility pole. Wall-jump up into the burning building and smash all the LEGO objects in the room, then construct the hopping bricks.
  • Minikit #6: Find the glowing blue Tracker Marker near the green toxic waste, in the center-ish section, in the background past the Family Build. Use a Tracker character to follow the blue tracks. Build the hopping bricks you’ll dig up at the end.
  • Minikit #7: Inside the giant drill machine, smash all five canary cages. The first is down an early ladder, the second is on a balcony before you reach the dynamo room. The third is in the foreground near the smelter, the fourth is near the control room behind the glass, and the last one is near the giant engine.
  • Minikit #8: To the left of the lift inside the tunneler, enter the dark alcove with a character that can illuminate the darkness.
  • Minikit #9: Further in the drill machine interior, find the control room behind glass. Use a Mind Controller (like Screenslaver) to take control of the bad guy inside and have them hit the big LEGO switch.
  • Minikit #10: The last minikit is near the end of the level, on the massive drill engine. To the right, look for a Grappling Hook Spot. Pull it down and construct the hopping bricks to find the last kit.

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