LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 7: The Golden Years

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Relive the night that ended super-heroics for good in LEGO The Incredibles. In Level 7, we take a trip back to the night of Bob and Helen’s marriage, when Bob met Buddy Pine (a.k.a. Syndrome) and when lawsuits against super heroes first started. These are the events that lead to outlawing supers. At least Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl get to have some fun!

The mission starts with Mr. Incredible dropping in on a fleeing criminal mime. It all leads to a bank being robbed by the villainous Bomb Voyage. At the bank, you’ll join forces with Bob’s biggest fan, a kid named Buddy Pine with a knack for awesome gadgets. Learn how to bring an end to Bomb Voyage’s schemes with the full guide.

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Walkthrough | Level 7: The Golden Years


Welcome to The Incredibles 1 – the next six levels will cover the story for the first movie in the series, and we’re starting out in the past with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl on a very important mission. Chase down the criminal mime, and we’ll meet the rest of the important characters later.

PART 1: Mime Chase – The mime escapes from the rooftop party on a lift. To bring it back down, smash all the glowing LEGO umbrellas in the area. Construct the hopping bricks to the left, then use the hook to pull down the lift. Ride up using the lift switch, and move right. The mime is hiding behind a fence, while more mimes attack!

Defeat the mimes, then use Elastigirl on the Stretch Marker to enter the red LEGO vent. Go through even more vents to reach the switch that unlocks the gate. Ahead, there’s a huge gap between buildings. Use Elastigirl’s gliding ability to reach the opposite side, then use the Stretch Marker to make a bridge for Mr. Incredible.

At the Green House, defeat another gang of mime, then move right and use Elastigirl to stretch and grab the raised ladder. She’ll creates a rope that Mr. Incredible can climb up to reach the ladder. At the top, go right and push down the giant radio tower to reach the next rooftop.

On this rooftop, you’ll need to complete a Family Build. This one requires five Power Bricks! That’s a lot, so let’s go hunting. The first Power Brick is in the small water tower with the orange handles. Mr. Incredible can smash it! The second brick is to the left. Grapple to the burning building with Elastigirl and use the Stretch Marker vent. The brick is in the flooded room. The third Power Brick is under the LEGO wall beneath the Family Build. Lift it up with Mr. Incredible, then grab the Power Brick with Elastigirl.

The next two Power Bricks are on the rooftops to the right of the Family Build. Pull the Grapple Spot with Elastigirl to the left of the helipad, then smash the LEGO box with Mr. Incredible that’s actually on the helipad. Build the pieces, and a chopper will deliver the last Power Brick you need. Return to the Family Build, construct, and ride the giant crossbow! Use Elastigirl on the Stretch Marker to create a string, and Mr. Incredible will enter the next section solo.

PART 2: The Bank Heist – Mr. Incredible enters the bank, but he isn’t alone for long. First, you’ll encounter the evil villain Bomb Voyage. The villain retreats, and Mr. Incredible gains a new sidekick – Buddy! The little kid has lots of special gadgets, and he’s a wizard when it comes to repair. Defeat the mimes, then continue through the destroyed wall down the hallway.

Defeat even more mimes in the lobby, then repair the broken Tech Access terminal near the door. Buddy can fix it and use it to unlock the gate that leads deeper into the vault. The rest of the way is blocked by cracked doors. Smash through them all with Mr. Incredible, and you’ll enter the main vault.

Time to fight Bomb Voyage! The room changes constantly, so be on your guard. You’ll need to defeat ten goons for the first phase. In the second Phase, Bomb Voyage summons lasers that cascade through the room. All you have to do is survive long enough, and the third phase will begin. For the third phase, hide in the green sections of the maze when Bomb Voyage drops his bombs to stay safe. Navigate the maze to reach the Tech Access terminal in the center with Buddy.

Finally! It’s time to defeat Bomb Voyage himself. He’ll send goons and toss bombs – some of his bombs are duds that don’t explode right away. Pick up the bombs with Mr. Incredible and throw them back at Bomb Voyage to damage him. It takes four bomb blasts to knock Bomb Voyage out for good.

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