LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 1: Under-Mined

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Squeeze back into the red tights, because the supers are back in LEGO The Incredibles, and you get to take control of the whole family. The latest LEGO game covers both The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2, the Pixar animated films all about a family of super-heroes. Here, we’re going to cover the entire story mode from start to finish with complete guides (and video!) showing you how to conquer every challenge thrown your way.

Don’t worry, parents! We’re keeping these articles and videos appropriate for all ages so you can read or watch along with the kids while playing through the latest fun-filled LEGO adventure. 

Starting with Level 1, we’re back right where first movie left off. The Under-Miner has appeared with his big drilling machine, and the Incredibles must work together to stop this not-so-impressive menace before he wrecks up the city. The first level is a great tutorial that will show you (basically!) everything you need to know for the rest of the game, so pay close attention to the tool tips that pop-up!

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Walkthrough | Level 1: Under-Mined


Welcome to LEGO The Incredibles! Right at the start, you’re facing off against the madness of the Under-Miner! His giant drill is on a rampage, and only the Incredibles, a nuclear family of super-heroes, can put an end to the Under-Miner’s schemes.

PART 1: The Under-Miner’s Drill – In the starting area, you’ll learn a little bit about the different powers Mr. Incredibles and Elastigirl can control. Start by smashing the Under-Miner’s goons with regular attacks, jump-attacks, smash attacks and more. Just follow the simple tutorials as they appear and you should be fine. Thing’s don’t get tricky until Frozone shows up.

When Frozone appears, switch to him and hold [Circle / B] to shoot a beam of ice at the blue outline on the spinning gear. Once you hit the marker, hold up on the D-Pad to slowly create an ice sculpture of a hand, stopping the gear in its tracks. You’ll reveal Cracked LEGO Walls. Mr. Incredible doesn’t punch these walls, he runs straight through them! Run into all the cracked walls here.

  • MINIKIT #1: There’s a minikit in the left cracked wall, next to the engine on top of the giant drill machine.

Swap to Elastigirl and destroy the glowing LEGO engine, then press [Circle / B] to interact with the Elastigirl Stretch Spot. This allows you to take control of Elastigirl and stretch up into a vent! Go inside the vent and smash through the cart to reach the button. Press it and then smash the minecart that appears – build it up into an Incredibles Team Marker. Stand on it with Elastigirl and press [Circle / B] then interact with Mr. Incredible to throw!

PART 2: Saving Civilians – In the next section, you’ll need to rescue three civilians and collect four Power Bricks. You’ll need the Power Bricks to activate the Family Build Marker right where you start. Let’s start saving people! The first is to the left – to save her, go right! Create a Forcefield with Violet and interact with Dash to join together, letting them both get across the toxic waste. Once you’re through the waste, jump out and use the Dash Sprint Marker to launch Dash across the area. That’s one grandma saved!

The first Power Brick will also appear on the old furniture. Smash all the LEGO furniture that’s glowing purple, then use the purple marker with Violet to create a psychic flower that will make the trucker’s fall a whole lot safer.

Once you defeat all the incoming bad guys, a business man in a car will get launched into the drill machine. Swap to Frozone and create an ice slide under him to save the day (and get a third Power Brick) – to reach the last Power Brick, swap to Bob and stand near the glowing Incredible Marker. Press [Circle / B] near one of the kids to pick them up, then hold the attack button [Square / X] to target and throw them! Toss them up to the Power Brick in the drill.

That’s all four Power Bricks collected. Return to the Family Build Marker and use it – swap between the different heroes and mash the build button to fill their meters. You’ll have to be fast! Their meters will drain. After filling the meter, quickly swap to different characters to fill them back up. If you do it, you’ll build a giant saw! Push it into the drill with Bob to complete this section.

PART 3: Inside The Drill – In the last section, you’ll have the whole family! Stuck inside the massive Under-Miner drill, it’s time to put an end to this out-of-control machine. Drop down with Elastigirl (Helen) and stretch up then across the gap to create a bridge for the family.

Defeat all the bad guys and move right until you find a cutscene. The bad guys are blabbing about coal. If you can overheat the engine with coal, you might just stop this giant thing. Smash the LEGO object after climbing down the ladder to the right, near the track, and push the cart into position down the track after building it. Once it locks into place, a Bubble Spinner will appear.

Combine Violet and Dash (activate Violet’s Bubble Power then use Dash) to activate the Bubble Spinner. To get up to the upper level, throw Helen up to the ledge with Bob. At the top level, smash the LEGO objects to construct a terminal, then push the cart to the right on the tracks. When the cart is near the furnace, use the switch you constructed to dump the coal.

The engine isn’t destroyed just yet! Go right to the final room and use Bob on the marker near the fallen balcony. He can lift it up! Send Helen up so she can use the Stretch Marker and tangle up the engine. That exposes a pair of orange Power Bars. Pull those with Mr. Incredible to finally stopping the Under-Miner’s machine.

For completing this level, you’ll unlock Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl! You’ll also be able to explore the open-world after this. You don’t have to start the next level right away if you don’t want, you can start exploring and discovering lots of Pixar references all throughout the city.

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