LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 9: Nomanisan Island

Welcome to Nomanisan Island, one of the deadliest places for supers in LEGO The Incredibles. After being contacted by a mysterious agency, Bob Parr is sent on a mission to destroy an out-of-control giant robot called an Omnidroid. Many heroes have failed, but Mr. Incredible might just be strong enough to smash the maniacal machine. After landing, you’ll quickly find Frozone (a change from the movies!) and begin searching the island for clues.

Instead of fighting one Omnidroid, you’ll fight two! The island is a treacherous place, filled with smaller attack drones, magma-filled volcanoes, and slippery slopes. Mr. Incredible and Frozone are the perfect duo, and you should have plenty of experience using their dual powersets after the previous mission in the burning hotel. Let’s dig into Level 9: Nomanisan Island and really get this plot going strong.

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Walkthrough | Level 9: Nomanisan Island


To start the next level, all you need to do is create an ice ramp to escape the police barricade. Jump out of your car with Frozone and create the ice ramp, then drive over it – the next level will begin automatically after that. Sneak to the water truck and turn the valve to get all the water Frozone needs to pull off his trick.

PART 1: Island Exploration – Landing on the island, you’ll get an assist from Frozone. That guy follows us everywhere! To cross the river rapids, swap to Frozone – he can glide right over the water like it’s nothing. On the other side of the waterfall, create an ice wall you can climb with Frozone, then swing across the poles to create two vines Mr. Incredible can use to get over the raging water.

Once Mr. Incredible is across, you can smash through the cracked wall. Pick up the giant boulder and throw it into the Omnidroid claw to continue further across the rocky mountain. Keep going right, hopping and shimmying, until you dodge another dangerous claw attack. Past the swinging claw, you’ll reach another waterfall.

Past this weak waterfall, smash the brown LEGO container and build left. The generator will pump water, and Frozone can create some ice gears. Smash the LEGO pump and rebuild it right to create a giant chainsaw! Pull the orange handles to rev this machine up and cut through the thick brush blocking your path.

Getting a glimpse of the trap, you’ll slide down a wild path. Just don’t fall in any of the gaps, and you’ll be totally fine! Try to aim for the blue studs, those are the most valuable ones. At the end of the exciting slide, you’ll finally meet the crazed Omnidroid!

PART 2: Omnidroid Battle – There isn’t just one Omnidroid in the volcano. There are two! Mr. Incredible and Frozone split up, and each fights their very own giant killer robot. Starting with Frozone, use your ice powers to create a ramp under the waterfall. When the ramp is made, trick the Omnidroid into charging into the ramp, causing it to crash and get stuck in the ground. Attack it while it’s stunned!

Once you drain that monster’s health bar, you’ll switch to Mr. Incredible. Jump over the Omnidroid’s energy blasts and pick up the stone boulders when it gets stuck in the rocks. Throw all three boulders at the Omnidroid to temporarily stun it. When it’s stunned, pick up the rocks (use the strength marker to the left) and toss the Omnidroid into the lava.

You probably already noticed the Family Build. You’ll collect your second Power Brick after tossing the Omnidroid into the lava. We still need a few more. The first one is right infront of the Family Build, and the last one is up the rocks. Hop over the stone ledges to the right to reach the third Power Brick.

Use those bricks to create a giant Coo-Coo Clock! Turn the valve to wind the clock up, and you’ll trick all the nearby birds to swarm the Omnidroid. Too bad this fight isn’t over. There’s still one more Omnidroid to destroy! While the Omnidroid has Mr. Incredible, you can use Frozone to attack it. Hit the robot with your ice powers until you knock it down. When it’s on the ground, grab the Orange Handles with Mr. Incredible to finally defeat it.

We’re halfway through the first Incredibles movie now. For completing this level, you’ll unlock Bob Parr’s workout outfit.

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