LEGO The Incredibles: All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 7: The Golden Years

Before being outlawed, superheroes saved the city on a nightly basis — and you get to play through one of those eventful nights in LEGO The Incredibles. Right before his big day at the altar, Mr. Incredible fights to stop a bank robbery in Level 7: The Golden Years. Here, I’ll explain where to find all 10 minikits — you’ll build a little set and earn a golden brick.

Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible aren’t the only characters that team-up in this adventure. Mr. Incredible also joins a super-fan named Buddy. The kid is a genius inventor, but doesn’t really know how to keep himself out of trouble. You’ll need to fully explore both sections of the level to get all 10 minikits. It’s all in the collectibles guide below.

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All Minikits Locations Guide | Level 7: The Golden Years

There are 10 minikits in each story level. You can only find all 10 when replaying levels in Free Mode. Find all 10 to complete a minikit LEGO — usually a vehicle, but it can be anything!

To make collecting minikits easier, get the Pickup Detector Red Brick from the Urbem Heights Family Build. Use Flik to dig up the loose LEGO dirt and turn the crank to get the Red Brick cheat.


  • Minikit #1: In the first pool, just dive under the water. Violet and her bubble can do it!
  • Minikit #2: Use the multi-build to the right of the pool, and build the device on the right side. Use Mr. Incredible to pull the strength handles, then bash through the cracked wall to enter the office. Repair the broken machine inside with Buddy / Syndrome.
  • Minikit #3: In the same office as the previous minikit,climb up the wall to the right to reach this one. Nothing special here, just nab it!
  • Minikit #4: To get this minikit, you’ll need to construct three bird houses. The first is near the metal fence. The second is to the left of the greenhouse. The third is to the left of the big antennae tower you need to knock down.
  • Minikit #5: Use the Tech Access terminal in the greenhouse to turn on the water, creating a flower that spits out a minikit.
  • Minikit #6: Go to the burning house (that’s soon flooded with water) and swap to Linguini. Send Ratatouille into the pipe and hit the button at the end. The pieces of the minikit will plop out.
  • Minikit #7: Inside the bank, you need to build three alarms. The first is near the broken window. The second is on the wall to the right of the hallway. The last one is on the left side of the hallway leading to the vault.
  • Minikit #8: Just outside the vault, use Frozone to freeze the fountain.
  • Minikit #9: The last two minikits are in the maze that Bomb Voyage creates during his boss battle. In the maze, find the center and use the orange power handles to reveal a minikit.
  • Minikit #10: The last minikit is also in the maze. Reach the top floor and push the green handle to make the final kit appear.

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