LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 10: Return To Nomanisan Island

Things don’t well for Mr. Incredibles in Level 10: Return to Nomanisan Island. This is one LEGO The Incredibles level that’s pretty different than the original film — instead of finding Gazer Beam’s skeleton, the old hero actually survived! He joins Mr. Incredibles as the pair infiltrate Syndrome’s secret base, entering the massive control room and uncovering his evil plan.

It’s a lengthy little level with lots of puzzles and bad guys to battle. Syndrome’s troops keep tight control of the island, and you’ll start to encounter powerful shielded enemies you can’t just punch. Wait for their shields to dissipate when they attack with a shockwave, then you can beat them down. Next time, we’ll join the whole Parr family as they take off and try to rescue their captured father from the evil clutches of Syndrome.

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Walkthrough | Level 10: Return To Nomanisan Island


After performing some incredible feats of strength, it’s time for a return trip to Nomanisan Island. Mr. Incredible’s second encounter with the Omnidroid doesn’t go so well. Instead, the hero is left for dead after escaping the giant robot. The villain behind the Omnidroid has revealed himself – and his name is Syndrome. He’s been using heroes to test his ultimate fighting machine.

PART 1: Infiltrating the Secret Base – Joined by Gazer Beam, you’ll have to infiltrate Syndrome’s base and learn more about his diabolical plans. Defeat the enemies in the first room of the level, then use the Terminal Access station to move the trams onto the different tracks – all you have to do is match the colors. The red tram goes in the red track, the blue tram goes in the blue track, the green tram goes into the green track, etc.

After matching all the tracks, the main door will open and a bridge will extend. Use Gazer Beam to melt through the gold LEGO wall and enter the next area. Ahead, you’ll start to encounter shield enemies. Wait for their shields to drop before attacking them!

Get on the platform to the right and melt the gold LEGO holding the big LEGO crate to the wall. Once it drops, you can move it left with Mr. Incredible’s super-strength. Once the big box is moved, Gazer Beam can wall-jump up to the second floor balcony. Defeat the bad guys and use the Terminal Access station to disable the red laser beams.

With the red lasers disabled, drop back down and use Mr. Incredible to throw Gazer Beam across the long gap. Destroy the LEGO terminal on the other side to build a bridge for Mr. Incredible. Once you’re both across, an elevator will lower that’s full of guards. Beat them down and ride up to the second part of the stage.

In the lava lobby, you’ll need to complete a Family Build to get through the wall of hot magma. There are four Power Bricks in this room – the first is on the chandelier. Throw Gazer Beam up to the pole to get it, then build the hopping bricks when you smash the chandelier. Build the parts and ring the bell to call a robot butler with a huge cake! Smash the LEGO cake to get the second brick.

For the third brick, pull the strength handles to the right of the Family Build, then cut through the gold wires with Gazer Beam. That exposes a cracked wall for Mr. Incredible to run through. Doing that reveals some wall-pads – jump up with Gazer Beam to grab the third Power Brick. The last one is easy – just push the green handle on the circular pad.

PART 2: The Control Room – After that’s done, build the Family Build to enter the massive final section of the stage – a giant secret area filled with tricks and traps. You can go either left or right – we’re going to go left first. Smash the glowing LEGO in the center and construct left to go to the left side, or right to go to the right side.

We’re going left, so build left – use the switch to extend the bridge. Keep going right until you find an opening in the glass wall. There are two LEGO crates you can hide inside to sneak – or you can hide behind the containers on the conveyor belt. The crates are easier! Stay hidden to avoid getting blasted by the turrets.

Get across the turrets with Mr. Incredible, then pull the LEGO generator and move it right. While it’s lifting, Gazer Beam can jump on top and push the blue conduit down the track in the back-right corner. Push the blue thing into place to raise a ladder for Mr. Incredible – up top, he can pull the strength handles and destroy the turrets.

Use the agility poles with Gazer Beam to get across and turn the valve that reverses the conveyor belt direction. Now you can safely jump onto the container and ride them left.

Once Mr. Incredible joins Gazer Beam, he can pull up the closed door. In the last room, smash everything and build the parts to create a Tech Access terminal. Hack it to complete the first of two bridge sections leading to the level exit.

Return to the center of the level and go right instead. Smash the left switch LEGO build and construct right – once again, hit the switch to extend a bridge to an even more complicated tower. Your goal is at the top! Throw Gazer Beam to the first platform with Mr. Incredible (look left on the bottom floor) and hit the switch to activate the lift.

And moving the wall, jump right and across the pads, dodging the glue blasters from above. On the other side, hit the switch and ride the lift up. Continue left, defeat the bad guys, and climb the handholds up (past the ink shooters) and we’re almost to the top.

Circle the cylinder until you find a gold LEGO wall. Cut through it with Gazer Beam, then pull the strength handles with Mr. Incredible to disable the electricity on the handholds. Now you can climb up to the top floor – it’s filled with glowing LEGO stuff. Smash everything!

Rebuild the hopping bricks to create a second Tech Access terminal. Use it to place the second bridge section. Now you can quickly return to the center and complete your path. The third section of the bridge will automatically fill in. When you reach the end of the bridge, you complete the level.

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