LEGO The Incredibles Walkthrough | Level 8: Vigilant Vigilantes

When supers are outlawed, only outlaws will be supers. In Level 8 of LEGO The Incredibles, Bob and Lucious prowl the night in search of people to help. After a quick stop helping a grandma with her cat, the two former heroes get a chance to really save people. The nearby hotel is burning down, and a gang of thieves are ransacking the place. With Frozone’s ice powers, and Mr. Incredibles super-strength, you can beat any obstacle this towering inferno throws your way.

At this point in the story, good old Bob Parr is struggling with his personal life. His job is boring and unfulfilling, so he’s searching for ways to keep using his powers for good. It’s still illegal, so the heroes have to wear masks and avoid dressing up — thankfully, this is the last time Bob and Lucious will have to play vigilante. Next time, they’ll be suited up and fighting giant robots on Nomanisan Island.

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Walkthrough | Level 8: Vigilant Vigilantes


To begin this level, you’ll need to go on a quick drive through the city. Follow the roadmap and reach each checkpoint until Bob finds a real crime. The first one is a total false alarm. It isn’t until after you save the cat from the tree that you find a robbery / burning inferno that the level proper begins.

PART 1: Rescuing Four Guests – In the lobby of the hotel, you’ll need to rescue four guests. Unfortunately, Frozone can’t use his ice powers without a little water. Lift up the fallen balcony with Mr. Incredible, then swap to Frozone to get a drink of water. With his powers (temporarily) restored, put out all the fires on the stairs. You’ll also want to douse the fire in the forward-left corner of the lobby to save another person.

Up the stairs, defeat the robbers through the hallway and dodge the flame jets from the pipes. In the large room ahead, the floor will collapse! You can use pipes to reach her, but they’re too hot for Frozone. Pull open the doors with the orange handles with Mr. Incredible to reach a valve that can turn off the steam jets.

With the steam jets off, cross the pipe with Frozone. Halfway across, swap back to Mr. Incredible and turn the valve again so Frozone can reach the trapped grandma. Near the grandma, drink some water to restore Frozone’s power, then push the LEGO object on the pushable surface to make a quick bridge back to Mr. Incredible. Now you can put out the fires to the right of the valve and smash through the cracked walls.

PART 2: Rescuing Three Guests – Time to save even more people! Smash through the cracked door to the right of your starting spot, then lift the fallen floor up. Walk right to deliver the citizens through the burning hallway. At the end, turn the valve to disable the pipes and then throw Frozone across the gap to the yellow LEGO ledge.

At the bar, defeat all the robbers and move right to the elevator. Use the button to make the lift collapse – you can jump off the walls to reach the second floor in the elevator shaft. Drink some water on the second floor, then return to the burning gap to create an ice bridge so Mr. Incredible can get across. With Mr. Incredible on the other side, he can smash through the cracked doors and enter the ballroom.

The last person you need to rescue is on the chandelier. You’ll need to collect Power Bricks and use the Family Build to save him. Smash the LEGO in the room until you find the hopping bricks, then build left. Jump onto the pole with Frozone, then raise it with Mr. Incredible – that way, Frozone can hop to the balcony and get another drink of water.

Now that you have your powers back, it’s time to start hunting Power Bricks. The first Power Brick is on the right wall, first floor – ice the fires to get it. The next brick is in the back-right corner. Lift the fallen floor, then ice it to keep it raised up. Pull the Strength Handles to get the second Power Brick.

Smash the LEGO thing you made earlier, and build right this time. Ride the air current up to the right balcony, and turn the crank to lower the chandelier. Smash it to find the third Power Brick. You’ll also find an Incredible Throw Spot – throw Frozone to the last Power Brick on the balcony, in the center of the room.

When you have all four Power Bricks, you know what to do! Build a giant claw arm, then create a ball of protective ice with Frozone. After making the ice bowling ball, everyone will be able to escape the burning hotel. You’ll unlock Vigilante versions of Bob Parr and Lucius Best, and get a cutscene that totally references Die Hard: With A Vengeance. Sweet!

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