LEGO The Incredibles: Unlock New Heroes With These Codes | Cheats List

Want a few more characters in LEGO The Incredibles? Here are some cheat codes you can input to unlock bonus heroes for your mighty roster of supers. As one of the last series to embrace the power of cheats, the LEGO games always have a few hidden unlockable characters that are free to earn through cheat codes. It’s been the same since the original games, all the way back in the PS2 era.

All you need are the proper cheat code and the pause menu. All cheats are input in the “Extras” area, where there’s a digital keyboard, and then you can go hogwild on any cheat codes the fans have discovered. Usually the developers drop us a few cheat codes at launch, but we’re guessing lots more will appear as the days go on. Check back soon for new updates to the list — this is just the start! Hopefully.

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Cheat Codes List

[Work-in-Progress: There are more cheat codes out there! Check back soon, and we’ll update this article with any extra codes as they’re discovered.]

To input a Cheat Code, open the Pause Menu and select “Extras” — from here, you can input the codes on a digital keyboard. Type in the codes exactly how they look below to unlock the corresponding character.

  • Gamma Jack – G1MHR7
  • Edna Mode (Juniors) – BRAB1R

Along with these cheat codes, you can also unlock Red Bricks. These are unique cheats that you can find on the map. Red Brick Cheats are unlocked by completing Family Builds in each open-world district. You’ll encounter Crime Waves in each district, completing the Crime Wave will unlock the Family Build.

Search the area to get enough Power Bricks, then complete the Family Build. Interact with the nearby sets and you’ll usually, eventually, unlock a Red Brick cheat.

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