Super Mario Odyssey: Here’s The Fastest Way To Earn 9999 Coins | Farming Guide

This isn’t exactly news to anyone at this point, but Super Mario Odyssey is pretty great — especially Mario’s new sense of fashion. As you progress and earn more Power Moons, new outfits will unlock in the Crazy Cap stores that pop up all over the many kingdoms you’ll visit throughout your adventure.

Some of these outfits are crazy expensive, like the ridiculous Skeleton costume. There’s never enough coins, and if you’ve completed your Power Moon hunting but want lots (and lots) of coins to complete your wardrobe, here’s the best possible way to farm for fast gold coins in the game.

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The Fastest Way To Earn 9999 Coins

Go to Bowser’s Kingdom and travel to the Beneath the Keep flag. From here, you want to travel northeast (on the map) and land on the ledge with spiny enemies patrolling around. There’s a planter and a corner with a big seed — grab the seed, run through the spikes / spinies and toss it into the planter to make a beanstalk grow into the clouds.

The beanstalk leads into a bonus course where you can collect two Power Moons and a whole bunch of coins. If you complete the course, you can earn up to 240 coins per run. Each run takes about 60~ seconds. If you’re quick, you can earn 9999 coins in about an hour.


  • Bonus Course Instructions:
    • When you enter the bonus course, don’t move Mario! At all! Don’t use the left-thumbstick during your entire run.
    • You only need to use three buttons — jump [B], throw Cappy [Y], and ground pound [R].
    • Throw Cappy and the super-sprint flowers and run forward without touching the left thumbstick. Jump between the platforms, throw Cappy whenever you see more flowers, and stomp at the very end of the track to get a few extra coins.

After completing the course, you’ll return to Bowser’s Kingdom where you can simply repeat the same course. Just run over to the seed, toss it into the planter, and start the course up again. This is easily the fastest way to earn coins in Super Mario Odyssey, and it’s the best way to get enough cash for that ridiculously expensive Skeleton Suit.

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