Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero – All Collectibles Locations Guide | Coins, Upgrades & More

For a free add-on, Not A Hero is a pretty in-depth bite-sized version of the standard Resident Evil 7 formula. You’ll have creepy locations to explore with a central hub to return to between objectives — and that means you’ll find a selection of collectibles hidden throughout the underground mines. There are essentially four major types of collectibles; Antique Coins, Documents, Character Upgrades, and Lockpicks.

All four are pretty tough to find, especially the two hidden (free!) character upgrades. Below, we’ll explain where to get anything that’s worthwhile in the DLC area, and exactly when you get grab them. The character upgrades are especially useful; you can get a free Stabilizer to increase reload speed, or a free Steroids injector to heal and increase your max health permanently. Of course, just like the base game, you can also spend collectible antique coins on the bird cages in the hub to unlock further upgrades. Free is just so much better.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Coins & More

There are several different types of collectibles in Not A Hero — there are 9 documents, 10 Antique Coins, 4 ability upgrades, and 2 lockpicks. Two of the ability upgrades (Steroids / Stabilizers) can be purchased in the Central Cavern using Antique Coins. The other two are totally free, and you can find them listed below.

Document #1: Found in Chris’ inventory.

Document #2: Also found in Chris’ inventory, you can’t miss it!

Antique Coin #1: Mining Work Area 2F – Through the red shutter, found in Work Sector A, in the southern alcove on the map. On a bag by two barrels.

Antique Coin #2: Mining Work Area 1F – In the cavern path between the cell door and the red shutter, on the wall near two barrels.

Antique Coin #3: Storage Area 1F – In the catacombs through the green shutter, you’ll have to run by a White Molded and enter a room with crates and a cart full of junk. To the left of the cart (and the crate with x2 Neuro Grenades) you can find a hidden coin.

Document #3: Storage Area 1F, Backup Power Room – Right next to the Night Vision Device.

Document #4: Storage Area 1F, Backup Power Room – On the cabinet next to the RAMROD Ammo.

Antique Coin #4: Storage Area 1F – After solving the power switch puzzle, ride the elevator up and kill the single tiny Molded. In the corner, before turning right, you can find an Antique Coin near some RAMROD Ammo.

Antique Coin #5 / Lockpick: Storage Area 1F – Right after encountering the Fat Suicide Molded in the catacomb, you’ll run into another White Molded. Left of that hall, there’s a passage with two crates. Break through the crates to find a coin and a lockpick in the dead end corner.

Antique Coin #6: Mine Cart Yard, Passage – Just after entering through the Blue Shutter, enter the cavern to your right. The coin is on a small white bucket, to the right of two crates.

Antique Coin #7: Mine Cart Yard, Repair Yard – In the room with the creepy Clown Key, the coin is in the southwest corner, on the blue bin.

Antique Coin #8: Mine Cart Yard, Ventilation Room – After “saving” your alley, enter the ladder room. Before climbing up, look in the open cardboard box in the left corner.

Antique Coin #9 / Steroids: Mining Work Area 2F – Right before entering the Fat White Molded boss battle, you can duck under an open shutter and follow the tracks to a mine cart. On either side of the cart, you’ll find a free Steroid injection, an Antique Coin, and extra ammo.

Stabilizer: Storage Area 1F – After removing the bomb from Chris’ wrist and defeating the White Molded boss, enter the Blue Shutter from the Central Cavern. Unlock the Clown Door with the Clown Key to find a free Stabilizer.

Document #5: Research Facility 1F, Monitoring Room – Inside the white chamber guarded by two White Molded, you’ll find the document on the metal cart behind the bed.

Document #6: Research Facility 2F – Past the Monitoring Room, go upstairs and turn right. There’s a Molded on a stretcher, and a document sticking out of the locker in the back.

Document #7: Research Facility 2F, Clinical Lab – In the last save room, on the computer Lucas was previously working on.

Document #8: Research Facility 2F, Clinical Lab – In the same room, look on the table for this document.

Lockpick: Research Facility 2F, Clinical Lab – On the cart to the right of the Save Station. Use the lockpick on the container in the hallway leading to the Research Facility entrance.

Document #9: Research Facility 2F, Clinical Lab – On the wall to the left of the blue door in the last save room. The blue door leads to the stairs and back to the entrance of the Research Facility area.

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