RE7: End of Zoe – All Boxing Effigy Locations | Boxer & Champion Guide

Rule the proverbial ring in Resident Evil 7 with all the magical collectibles available in the End of Zoe DLC. The swamp outside the Baker Estate is a dangerous place, so our hero Joe is going to need all the help he can get — for his fists! Because your only weapons are his left and right hands.

The Boxer / Champion Effigies are special, optional items you’ll find while exploring the dank, Molded-infested waters of the quarantine zone. For each effigy you find (and hold in Joe’s inventory) you’ll gain more punching power. That’s really useful — especially against the new boss enemy that just keeps popping up, the unstoppable Swamp Man. Rescue Zoe and get out of the swamp alive with less effort; here’s where to get all the Boxing Effigy collectibles.

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All Boxing Effigy Locations | Boxer & Champion Guide

There are two types of collectibles in End of Zoe — Boxer Effigies and Champion Effigies. Boxer Effigies give Joe a 1% damage boost while in his inventory, while Champion Effigies give a 10% boost. Find them all to significantly increase your punching power and make future encounters easier.


Boxer Effigy #1: Joe’s House – After breaking through the barrier, the first effigy is on the barrel to the left, before reaching the shack.

Boxer Effigy #2: Base – Place Zoe on the couch, then backtrack through the swamp. In the muddy water to the left, before reaching the entrance path, there’s a Boxer Effigy waiting to be picked up.

Boxer Effigy #3: Base – Before climbing into the Medical Storage room, find this effigy next to the save point.

Boxer Effigy #4: Base – After the fight against the Swamp Mutant boss, look in the save point shack, on the wall near the recording device.

Boxer Effigy #5: Paddle Boat Deck – On the landing, behind the Steering House.

Champion Effigy #1: Paddle Boat 1F – In the lower deck of the Paddle Boat, enter the maintenance room and find a vent. Drop down and crawl through the vent to find your first Champion Effigy.

Boxer Effigy #6: Paddle Boat 1F – On the shelf with the save point, right next to the cure synthesizing machine, you can find a boxer effigy on the lower rung.

Boxer Effigy #7: Quarantine Area 1 – While chasing the Swamp Man, you’ll enter a large open swamp area. Reach the floating pontoon in the center with a crate. Smash the crate to find an effigy.

Champion Effigy #2: Quarantine Area 1 – After crossing the swampy area at the start, you’ll reach a stairway into an old shack. To the right, there’s a small enclosed water-filled area with an old fridge in the corner. Drop into the water (and watch out for the gator!) and open the fridge to get an upgrade.

Boxer Effigy #8: Quarantine Area 2 – Enter the first shack on stilts in the second zone and you’ll be ambushed by multiple Molded that drop from the ceiling. Smash the crates inside. One contains an effigy.

Boxer Effigy #9 & #10: Quarantine Area 2 – After leaving the shack, you’ll get a view of the watery area to the right of the rickety platforms. Drop down and climb onto this optional platform in the water, off the main path, and smash the crates to find two bonus effigies.

Boxer Effigy #11: Quarantine Area 2 – Work your way through the second shack, then you’ll reach a winding rickety old wooden path. Drop down, and up the ramp you’ll find a crate that contains an effigy.

Champion Effigy #3: Quarantine Area 3 – In the same area with the winding wooden path, drop into the water and look on a tree growing out of the rocks on the shore. There’s a Champion Effigy wedged into the old tree.

Boxer Effigy #12: Abandoned Church – Easy to spot. This one is in the save shack, before entering the graveyard area.

Boxer Effigy #13: Abandoned Church, Cemetery – In a crate in the arena where the Fat Molded appears.

Boxer Effigy #14: Abandoned Church – On the right-hand metal pole, before walking up the steps and entering the actual abandoned church building.

Champion Effigy #4: Old House, Entrance – Before leaving the Old House, enter the room with the collapsed floor and turn right. The Champion Effigy is pinned to the barred door.

Boxer Effigy #15: Old House – The final effigy is pinned to the right-wall in the strange entrance passage that leads into the Old House, the one with all the hanging baby dolls.E

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