Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero – How To Beat All Bosses | Tips & Tricks

Chris Redfield isn’t just a survivor — he’s a fighter, and that means the big bosses of Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero reflect his enhanced skill level. They’re bigger, tougher, and faster than the bosses you might be used to in the vanilla game, and it’s going to take all your combined skills to bring these creatures down. It takes more than random shooting to win, and we’ll explain what you need to know about the two bosses in the individual guides below.

In Not A Hero, the free story add-on for RE7, you play as Chris Redfield, now working Umbrella — a PMC with a new, revised goal — instead of creating bioweapons, they’re here to fight bioweapons. Naturally, Chris is still distrustful of his new allies, but his latest mission pits him against the insane Lucas. That’s one wild dog that needs to be put down.

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How To Beat All Bosses | Tips & Tricks

There are two bosses in Not A Hero — the titanic Fat White Molded monster, and the Mutated Lucas at the end of the episode.

Fat White Molded

The Fat White Molded appears when Chris Redfield is just about to reach the liquid nitrogen stockpile and disable the bomb strapped to his wrist. The Fat White Molded fights just like regular Fat Molded – with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. You’ll have to defeat it in a limited amount of time.

The Fat White Molded uses projectile barf attacks at range (which can be blocked) and is, initially, impervious to harm. Eventually, it will begin spawning tiny Molded minions – use grenades to quickly deal with swarms. It will also charge after you, swinging its arms wildly. When it does, run and use the truck in the center of the arena as cover.

  • NOTE: Circle the arena and collect all the extra ammo – you’ll find grenades on the dump truck, and a Med Injector on the metal shelves.

To begin, load a RAMROD bullet into your pistol and shoot. That will stun the boss and expose its brain – get close and punch it to deal superior damage. That will also remove the “White” invulnerability. Regular weapons will now hurt the giant.

Stay near the truck, weaving around it for cover when it tries to charge or barf at you. Unload shots from your shotgun, and use grenades to soften him up. Don’t waste any more RAMROD bullets on him either – Incendiary Grenades and shotgun blasts will do the trick.


Mutated Lucas

Lucas drops the tricks after transforming, becoming an imposing, unstoppable monster that’s truly impervious to damage. You can only hurt Lucas by shooting the glowing heads – blast the heads enough, and a meaty weakpoint will appear in Lucas’ chest. That’s the only place you can shoot to harm him, so the pistol is especially useful in this fight.

  • NOTE: There are two Med Injectors on the desk, and grenades inside the cultivation machine in the center of the room.

During the second phase of the fight, Lucas will summon extreme contamination, and begin draining your oxygen supply. There are two oxygen recharge stations in the arena – don’t use them until you’re very low on oxygen, about 10%-30%. The recharge stations take a long time to refill, and if you use them too soon, it’s very possible to run out of oxygen sources completely.

At the second phase, the weakpoint in Lucas’ chest is permanent. Stay close to the machinery and weave around the corners so Lucas doesn’t have an easy straight-line toward you. This is the most challenging part of the fight – when Lucas jumps ontop of the machinery, stay far away. He’ll attack as he jumps down.

Lucas is brutally fast, and uses his whip-arm and mace-arm while swinging wildly and charging after you. Keep the run button pressed and circle around corners to keep your distance. You should have plenty of ammo, so feel free to use it and waste it in this fight. In the second phase, Lucas can leap across the room in a single movement, making it vitally important you don’t just stand in the open.

Save your RAMROD Ammo for the second phase of the fight. He’s harder to hit while he’s moving, but the extra damage will end the fight faster, and the second phase is when he’ll typically damage Chris down to yellow / red in a single attack. Throw everything you’ve got at him, and the boss will go down.

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