Resident Evil 7: End of Zoe – Full Walkthrough | Step-By-Step Guide

End of Zoe, the second story add-on for Resident Evil 7, offers a very different gameplay experience compared to the base game. Instead of giving you a short supply of weapons and ammo, you’ll have your fists to do all the talking. You’ll encounter new enemies, new variations on old Molded, and a deadly boss that changes forms, becoming more dangerous with each encounter.

You play as Joe, a backwoods hillbilly that just so happens to discover Zoe in the swamps behind the Baker Estate. The entire zone has been quarantined by Umbrella agents, and Moulded have infested the swamplands. Joe must use his fists (and improvised weapons) to obtain a cure for Zoe and escape another biohazard nightmare.

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Full Walkthrough


Welcome to End of Zoe – right away, we’re dropped into Joe’s House. Joe is a very different kind of hero; instead of using guns, Joe just needs his fists to defeat the Molded. We’ll get into the combat later, but for now head outside and review your inventory – Joe keeps a survival manual that explains the controls. Place the survival diary in the item box, and grab the Chem Fluid from the shelf.

To the left of the item box, check on the punching bag. Take some swings and get a feel for Joe’s attacks. Instead of aiming, L2 / LT and R2 / RT punch left or right respectively. There are two types of punch combos:

  • Left, Right, Right = Fast right jabs combo.
  • Right, Left, Right, Left = Powerful knockdown combo.

Joe can also perform head-stomps when a Molded is on the ground, just like Chris in Not A Hero. Unlike Chris, Joe can sneak – sneak up behind a Molded that hasn’t seen you, and you can perform an sneak kill. No fight needed!

  • TIP: To the left of the bridge, peel off the wood on the tree to collect a critter. Critters are a quick healing item Joe can use – combining critters with Chem Fluid will create First Aid Med! Chem Fluid have other uses, but for now, I recommend creating as much First Aid Med as you can. You can also eat critters raw for a small health boost. Very useful when you’re out of combat and don’t want to waste good healing items.

Part #2: Find the Cure For Zoe

When you’re ready to leave Joe’s house, cross the bridge and enter the clearing. You’ll encounter two Molded. One appears in the field, and the other patrols outside the house. Use a power-combo (R, L, R, L) and stomp on the monster’s head. Sneak up behind the second and break the monster’s head off! If you alert the patrolling Molded, a second Molded near the gate will attack.

  • Combat Tip: Against standard Molded, in a one-on-one fight, the power-combo is the best way to fight. Aim for the head to stagger a Molded mid-combo and if your powerful jab connects, the Molded will always topple, allowing Joe to give it a good headstomping.

When the Molded are clear, punch through the barrier and look left – there’s a Boxer Effigy on the barrel. Boxer Effigies (and later Champion Effigies) boost attack power. Boxer Effigies by 1%, Champion Effigies by 10% – all you need to do is carry the effigies in your inventory to gain the bonus.

Enter the shack ahead and take the cure from the soldier’s body. On the way back to Joe’s House, one Molded will appear inside and two more will stalk through the gate. After that, it’s a clear shot back to your house.

Too bad the house is burning. Rush inside and approach Zoe to apply a fraction of the cure. It’s not enough, and the shack is under attack by a strange new creature. It rips apart your soldier “friend” – approach Zoe again and carry her to the boat to escape. You’ll head down the river and discover the Umbrella Quarantine Zone base.

Part #3: The Base Camp

Place Zoe on the couch in the boathouse down the path, along the outer wall of the Quarantine Zone. On the way, stay away from the mutant gator. Not even Joe can handle gators in hand-to-hand combat.

Inside the base itself, sneak behind the Molded feeding in the green tent, then sneak behind the patrolling Molded in the second tent. If it sees you, lure it toward the entrance gate and fight it there. You don’t want to attract the Fast Molded outside the second tent – to sneak behind it, go through the second green tent and stealth kill the sucker. Fast Molded are extremely annoying (and deadly) in close-combat. Try to avoid fighting them completely.

  • Combat Tip: Fast Molded, aside from the bosses, are the deadliest opponents you’ll encounter. Always sneak kill them if you can. If you can’t – use a new weapon, the Throwing Spear, to kill them instantly from far away.

After taking care of the Fast Molded, you’ll find a new consumable weapon. The Throwing Spear is a crude spear that Joe can throw at enemies. Aim with [L2 / LT] and throw to kill the Fast Molded blocking your path ahead. Throwing Spears are one-use only weapons, so use them carefully. You’ll be able to craft them later.

Punch through the next barrier, and stop at the save point. Ahead, you’ll drop down into the Medical Storage room, and encounter a new opponent. You’ll also learn the cure is stored on a derelict paddle boat nearby.

Part #4: The Path to the Paddle Boat 

Leaving the Medical Storage room, a terrifying creature will appear. This is the first Swamp Mutant encounter. Fight him, and punch through the barrier when he’s down. He’ll get back up. When he does, keep running! Drop into the water and the Swamp Mutant will give up the chase.

Enter the save shack ahead. There’s a free Boxer Effigy, a save point, and an item box you can use. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to stash the survival manual. The swamp path outside leads around to the Paddle Boat entrance – but you’ll have lots of mutant gators to deal with.

Mutant Gators can only be killed with Throwing Spears. There are two on the path leading to the swamp. Use one on the first gator straight ahead, then on another gator near the mud wall on your left. Grab a third spear sticking out of the swamp, and use it against another gator as it approaches when you near the mud path on the left.

Go up that mud path on the left! Two Molded will attack, but you can run right by them. Get to the gator corpse on the raised dock and collect two more Throwing Spears, then drop back down into the swamp and continue the march forward. You’ll need at least one of those spears for the gator blocking your path to the Paddle Boat entrance – the second gator? You can run right by it.

Ahead, you’ll reach dry mud. You can unlock the door to the save shack, save your game, and prepare to climb into the derelict Paddle Boat area.

Part #5: The Paddle Boat

Use the scaffolding ladder to reach the top deck of the Paddle Boat. At the top, look to the left for a pile of Scrap Metal – this is a crafting item. You can create Throwing Spears by combining Tree Branches with Metal Scrap, or you can create Stake Bombs by combining Tree Branches with Chem Fluid. The first Wooden Stake is found on the Top Deck too, past the Steering House with the save station.

  • NOTE: The Steering House offers a convenient save point, and a useful First Aid Med.

Take the stairs down from the Deck to reach 2F – you’ll encounter your first Advanced Molded. These Molded are tougher and stronger than regular Molded, but they don’t have new attack patterns. All your normal strategies will work just fine against these guys. Just try to block when they attack.

Punch through the barrier to enter the main 2F area. Turn left and go down the hall – wait behind the crate, then stealth kill the patrolling Molded. Down the hall (right side) there’s a patrolling Fast Molded you’ll want to stealth kill too. There’s a Throwing Spear leaning against the wall here.

Enter the small maintenance room (left) and crawl into the vent to stealth kill the waiting Advanced Molded. Punch through the barrier to reach the stairwell to 1F. Down below, there are two Molded. One patrols – wait for the patrolling Molded to move under the floor, then drop down and Stealth Kill him. Then you can Stealth Kill the immobile enemy.

Before walking into the engine room, go into the small maintenance room to the left of the stairs and crawl through the vents. When you pop out, watch your back – there are three Molded patrolling the area around the engine room. Carefully pick them off, then break through the barrier.

The medicine synthesizing machine is located at the top of the scaffolding. Before using the machine, search the room below – get the bonus Throwing Spear in the alcove behind the machine, and take the First Aid Med from the tray. You’ll also want to save your game – a boss is ahead.

When you take the E-Type Infection cure, the Swamp man will reappear for another round! This fight is much tougher than your first encounter. Collect up the items in the arena early – there are two First Aid Meds in the room.

Defeat Swamp Man, and leave the arena to find a shortcut path to the base boat house. When Joe attempts to use the cure, the Swamp Man returns to take her away! Hop onto the boat to chase him down.

Part #6: The Quarantine Area

Welcome to the Quarantine Area. The Swamp Man has taken Zoe. She’s somewhere in the infected swamp, and you’ll have to fight through a small army of Molded and mutant crocodiles. Enter the shack on stilts in the first swamp area to save your game.

To progress, go under the old house. After a crocodile false alarm, a real crocodile will appear ahead. There’s a Tree Branch on the corner wall, and a free Throwing Spear on the raised platform to the right. Take out the first croc, then sneak by the second one to reach a large open area. There are crocs everywhere here – your goal is the large house at the far end of the swamp.

To reach it, go from platform to platform. The main entrance is guarded by two crocodiles – the side entrance to the right only has one. Approach from the left side and you can easily sneak by it. Take the stairs up to reach another save room.

This save room is your gateway to Quarantine Area 2 – if you haven’t crafted one already, the first Stake Bomb is on the table with the save point. Outside, in Quarantine Area 2, there are two houses on stilts, and a platform with three Throwing Spears. You can easily reach it from the dock behind the first house, using only one spear.

The Stake Bomb will come in handy soon. Cross the rickety wooden path (if you’re not careful, you’ll fall into the deadly waters below) and enter the first house where Molded will ambush you. To make things easier, drop that Stake Bomb and blow up the Molded. Three of them will appear; two from the ceiling, and one from behind. There’s also a Throwing Spear in the house – perfect for safely killing Molded when you’re low on health.

Exiting the first house, you’ll want to circle around to the left. There’s a strange platform that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – it’s actually very important, because it gives you an early look at a Fast Molded. Use a Throwing Spear to dispatch of the Fast Molded from here.

In the second house, carefully Stealth Kill the patrolling Molded. If you alert it, a Fast Molded will also be alerted. If you Stealth Kill one, you’ll be able to Stealth Kill the Fast Molded too. Past this room, there’s another Molded guarding the barrier to the final stretch.

The final stretch to the old church is a gauntlet of Molded. Prepare yourself – collect the two Throwing Spears to the right of the barrier before dropping down onto the broken walkway. Around the first corner, two Molded will approach while a third Molded waits behind a metal wall to your right. Back up and defeat the incoming Molded so you can take care of the third guy before he’s alerted.

After that, prepare a Stake Bomb or Throwing Spear. Look right – a Fast Molded will spawn from the shack. Back up and kill it with either of your improvised weapons. An Advanced Molded and a regular Molded will spawn when you move forward.

Part #7: The Abandoned Church

Zoe isn’t too far away now. Stop at the shack to save and then progress up the hill to the Cemetery. Grab the critters on the way up – the next fight is going to be a tricky one. When you approach the cemetery barrier, a Fat Molded will spawn. Remember the Fat Molded? They spew acid vomit at range, and explode when they die.

  • Combat Tip: It doesn’t make much sense, but you can block attacks coming from any direction. Joe can block projectile barf, even with his back turned to the Fat Molded.

Grab the First Aid Med from the crate on the right side of the cemetery. Use the coffin in the center to separate the Molded that spawn with the Fat Molded, and kill the regular enemies as quickly as you can. Spears and Stake Bombs will help too – those items won’t be useful after this battle is over.

When the Fat Molded is down, break through the barrier and head on up to the Abandoned Church. You’ll find Zoe, but you’ll also find Swamp Man. Joe’s brother, Jack, is still alive and kicking. He dumps Joe into a coffin and leaves him for dead.

Part #8: The Baker Estate

This fight isn’t over. Joe washes up outside the Old House. Follow the overgrown path until a helicopter flies overhead – on cue, four Molded appear. Don’t bother fighting them, just run straight ahead and turn right. The winding path leads to your last weapon – the AMG-78.

The AMG-78 is a permanent upgrade to your punching power. All your combos are the same, but holding [L2 / LT] will charge your left punch. There are three levels of charge – the last level will decimate enemies, even outside your normal punching range, kind of like a shotgun blast.

Use the AMG-78 charged punch to break through the metal barrier leading to the Old House. From this point on, Molded are trivial. You can kill them with a single charged punch – but you’ll still want to grab as many grubs and critters as you can. You’ll need them for the final encounter with Swamp Man.

Climb up into the Old House and fight your way through the Molded. It’s a straight path to the entrance – there’s a Fat Molded blocking your way, not that it will last long against a fully charged left hook. Continue on to the Yard. There’s a tent with a save station (and First Aid Med + Chem Fluid) to the right of the path to the Main House.

From the save tent, you can recollect your lost items from the item box. Grab all the healing items you can, and use up all your crafting materials to create Throwing Spears or Stake Bombs. When you’re ready, enter the passage to the Main House.

Approach Zoe to initiate the boss fight, and defeat Jack to finally save the day. Zoe is cured, Ethan kept his promise to send help, and the infected Baker family has finally been put to rest.

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