Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – All Contracts Guide | Mission 4

Complete the final set of contracts in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider with our quick Mission 4: The Stolen Archive side-quests guide. Instead of achieving perfect stealth like in Mission 3, one of the contracts for Mission 4 requests that you kill all but one of the Abbey soldiers in the Royal Conservatory. That’s a pretty tall order — but we’ll break down what you need to know about each contract below.

Contracts, normally, are added to your inventory from message boards in the black market. Not so in Mission 4. This time, the contracts are automatically added to your mission clues menu — two of them are pretty simple, you just need to collect very special items from hidden locations. One is an artifact in a booby-trap filled apartment, the other is in the lift at the far back of the Royal Conservatory. Check out the screenshots and quest details for more info.

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All Contracts Guide | Mission 4: The Stolen Archive

[NOTE: Contracts are optional side-quests you can complete for large money rewards. There is always some small wrinkle to every contract that can make them much easier to complete.]

The contracts for Mission 4 are automatically unlocked and added to your mission info menu. There are only three contracts, but one of them is quite difficult to accomplish. Here’s how to complete them all.


Alvarro and the Abbey

This is one of the toughest contracts. To complete it, you’ll need to kill every single soldier and sister in the Royal Conservatory. That isn’t an easy task, but before you do, you’ll need to complete a special challenge.

Go up to Delilah’s Office on the third floor, up the office stairs to the private quarters at the top of the Conservatory. There’s a conference room where the Oracular Sisters are working with a lone man from the Abbey. This is Brother Cardoza — don’t kill him. It helps to find him first without alerting so you don’t accidentally kill him.

NOTE: To complete this contract, you must kill all the Abbey soldiers — including the starting area apartment and the area beneath the stairs.

Find Cardoza and knock him out, then carry his body all the way down to the basement. Near the smuggler entrance, there’s a brightly lit room with a special chair. Place Cardoza in the torture chair. If the contract isn’t complete, make sure everyone other than Cardoza is dead — unconscious guards won’t count toward completion!

A Risky Wager

This contract is from a wealthy patron in the district. He needs you to steal a valuable artifact from his second floor safe. The safe itself is unlocked, but the apartment is a death trap. Find the apartment directly opposite the main gates to the Royal Conservatory.

The apartment is filled with trip-wires and traps. No matter what entrance you use, there will be tons of trip wires everywhere. Carefully use displace to dodge through wires then find the upper balcony. Make sure you displace through and into the second floor, not directly on the railing or you’ll set off the bombs.

Up top, open the safe and take the artifact to complete this relatively simple quest.

Pilfer the Prophecy

Another fairly simple contract. For this, you’ll need to steal a document on the conservatory rooftop. Reach Delilah’s Office on the third floor and continue up her private stairs to find a strange Oracular Order ritual stage. The prophecy papers are found directly behind the ritual stage, on a chair.

You can safely reach this area by taking the form of an Abbey Soldier or an Oracular Order sister. Walk over and grab the pages — but you’ll still need to find the prophecies in a book. Return to the large atrium room with the birds hanging from the ceiling and use the inner ledge from the windows on the upper floor to cross over to the wall opposite the office. There’s a vent that leads into the top of the elevator shaft.

Drop into the elevator shaft to find a dead body and the actual prophecy book on the floor of the lift.

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