Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – How To Get The Best (& Worst) Endings

There’s always a choice in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. The series is known for giving you options, and every target has a lethal or nonlethal solution. The Outsider, and his eponymous death, are just another option in the series. Once again, you’ll get a choice — kill the Outsider, or spare him with a few punishing caveats. It’s all up to you. See how to get both endings with the quick guide below.

There’s more than just an ending choice and optional quest to complete when it comes to a Dishonored ending. The results in the world change depending on how you play the game. Your endings will always be better if you’ve attempting a Low Chaos run, rather than causing a big commotion with High Chaos mission completions. Here, we’ll also explain exactly what causes Chaos.

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Endings Guide

There are two endings to Death of the Outsider — the main two endings that you can choose depending on your actions in Mission 5. You can go for an alternate way to death with the Outsider, or you can kill him. The choice is your’s.

The amount of chaos you cause has an adverse effect on many aspects of the game, although they are less pronounced than in previous entries. To understand chaos, remember how these actions affect your current level.

  • High Chaos – Causes:
    • Killing guards.
    • Killing civilians.
    • Using grenades or explosives.
    • Alerting civilians or guards.
    • Causing Sentries to rampage.
    • Generally, fighting instead of using stealth.
  • Low Chaos – Causes:
    • Knocking guards out instead of killing.
    • Using stealth to avoid detection — don’t cause alerts.

Your chaos meter will fluctuate every mission. The amount of chaos in the city changes, and everything is set by the first mission — the meter will change after mission completion, so if you end one mission with high chaos, then complete the next with low chaos, it’s because you did a much better job at staying stealthy and avoiding conflict.

Other than causing more guards to appear between missions, it isn’t clear how chaos alters the game. The true major component to the endings is how you deal with the Outsider. You can find and kill him, or use an alternate method.

How To Non-Lethally Deal With The Outsider

Instead of killing the Outsider, you can take away all his power and make him mortal again. To do that, you’ll need to follow some specific steps.

  1. In the Void, collect the key from the corpse on the left after you turn around.
  2. Next, find Malchiodi’s Lodgings and input the code “962” in his blue locker. Read the diary.
  3. Go to the Ritual Hold area — when you confront the Outsider, talk to Daud, inspect the body and choose to let the Outsider live.

For letting the Outsider live and removing his powers, you’ll earn the “Final Release” achievement / trophy.

How To Kill The Outsider

This is a whole lot simpler. When you reach the Ritual Hold, simply choose to kill the Outsider. If you want to see both endings, save your game before approaching the Ritual Hold center. When you inspect the Outsider, you can select to stab and kill him.

Killing the Outsider will earn you the “Deicide” achievement / trophy.

And that’s everything you need to know about the multiple endings in Death of the Outsider. Which did you pick? Do both? Let us know!

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