Dishonored 2: How to Open Every Safe | Combinations & Keys Guide

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Locked doors and safes are a common problem while hunting down enemies of the Empress in Dishonored 2. If it isn’t a locked safe filled with treasure, it’s a door requiring a code to get inside. Whether through code or key, we’re going to reveal how to open the many locked safes of Karnaca right here.

All codes in Dishonored 2 are randomly generated, so we can’t just reveal the numbers — but we can tell you where to find them. Door codes are almost always found on hidden notes, and those notes always spawn in the exact same place. Similarly, locked doors / safes that require keys can always be opened.

How to Open Every Safe | Combinations Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more locations.]

This guide will explain where to find codes / keys for every lock in Dishonored 2. There are so many locked doors, not every one has a key — some feature alternate solutions. We’ll also cover those.

If there’s a code, key, or locked something we missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll update with all the info!

Mission 1: A Long Day in Dunwall

  • Safe #1: Dunwall Streets – Found in the apartment to the left of the Tower entrance after escaping down the rooftops. Enter the doctor’s apartment to find a locked safe.
    • Code Location: Remove the painting above the fireplace to discover the hidden code.

Mission 2: Edge of the World

  • Safe #1: Canal Square – The locked safe in the Overseer Outpost head office (third floor) contains a rune and other treasures.
    • Code Location: To crack the code, take the note from the briefing room table outside the office. It features three of the holy precepts — next, match those precepts with the numbers on the book found on the bench to the right of the safe itself. Input those numbers into the safe to unlock it.
  • Locked Door #1: Canal Square – The locked interrogation room contains a bonecharm and a side mission critical corpse. Find the room on the fourth floor of the Overseer Outpost.
    • Key Location: Take / pickpocket the key off the guard in the room adjacent to the interrogation cell.
  • Safe #2: Winslow Store – The large locked safe in the back of the Winslow store, across the street from the station, dares customers to break the code.
    • Code Location: Find the note containing the code in the store’s cash register.
  • Locked Door #2: Dr. Hypatia’s Apartment – The doctor’s apartment is up the stairs behind the Winslow store. Her house has plenty of goods, including some collectibles.
    • Key Location: Find the key in the back room of the Winslow store, pinned together with a note.

Mission 3: The Good Doctor

  • Safe #1: Entering the Institute through the front doors to the lobby, turn right and climb up onto the balcony above. Continue toward the front-right corner of the building, second floor, to find this locked safe.
    • Code Location: On a desk, not too far from the safe location.
  • Locked Door #1: Joe Hamilton’s Office – At the top of the central stairs around the main elevator, you’ll find this booby-trapped door. There’s a blueprint and other valuable information inside.
    • Key Location: Find the key in a tray behind where Joe Hamilton is behind held for questioning.
  • Safe #2: The safe in Vasco’s office is required to solve the situation in Addermire non-lethally.
    • Code Location: Talk to Vasco in the laboratory beyond the bloodfly infestation on the third floor. He’ll give you instructions.

Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion

  • Locked Door #1: Lower Quarter – In the tram station, you’ll find the ticket office door is locked. There’s a load of cash in a safe and a blueprint located inside.
    • Key Location: Sold by the Black Market vendor for 250 gold.

Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory

  • Locked Door #1: Conservatory Underground Storage – In the basement, there’s a locked interior archive. You can access valuables, a painting, and an important audiograph here.
    • Key Location: The key to this area is found in Breanna Ashworth’s office, on her desk.

Mission 6: The Dust District

  • Locked Door #1: Crone’s Hand Saloon – Durante’s Office in the Howler territory is found upstairs from the main tavern. The door is locked, and you’ll find the solution to the Jindosh lock here.
    • Key Location: Find the key on the small desk to the right of the projector screen in the Vice Overseer’s office, on the third floor of the Overseer Outpost.
  • Door Code #1: In the Neutral Zone of the Dust District, you’ll find a door code in the apartment stairwell to the left of the Black Market. This door opens into the back of the Black Market, allowing you to rob it. The Black Market backroom contains a bonecharm that’s impossible to get any other way.
    • Code Location: To solve the code, first open the door to the vendor’s apartment. To do this, go to the right from the Black Market vendor and slide under the small hole in the brick wall.
    • Reach the hostile territory alleyway and look left — through the windows, you’ll see a barred door. Shoot the wooden planks to unblock the door.
    • Now you can access the Black Market vendor’s apartment. Look on the black calendar and make note of the number circled in red on the fourth row.
      • The door code always starts with the number “4” — the last two numbers are always circled in red on the calendar in the vendor’s apartment.

Mission 7: A Crack in the Slab

  • Locked Door #1: The vault, attached to the dining room hallway, contains a painting, a blueprint, and some treasure. Get inside by swapping to the present, or…
    • Key Location: The Master key to the mansion is found on a stool near where an Elite Guard is sitting in the dining room.
  • Door Code #1: The door to the study (back-left, upper floor) in the mansion interior is a plot-critical location.
    • Code Location: Go to the mansion backyard (accessible through the back doors on the second floor, or side-doors in the first floor pool) and check the note under the gazebo.
  • Safe #1: An inaccessible room contains a locked safe in the mansion’s past. Find the room to the left of the main hall, first floor. This area can be accessed by crawling through the hole in the vault, as well. To the left of the metal blocked door, crawl under the desk in the past, then swap to the present. You’ll find the locked safe only in the past.
    • Code Location: The code is found on the safe door itself, fallen to the ground in the present but covered in bloodflies. To get rid of the infestation, go to the past and burn the dog’s body in the furnace. Open the doors, toss the body in, and push the button. Now the present will be bloodfly-free.

Mission 8: The Grand Palace

  • Safe #1: Palace Interior – Enter the First Captain’s Office (left side of the reception hall) and find the safe in the back of the room, behind his desk. The safe contains a rune.
    • Code Location: The note with the code is found in the Duke’s Office on the third floor of the palace. Take the stairs up on the right side to find the dimly lit office. Look on the smaller desk to the left of the large desk up the steps in the office. The code is next to a typewriter.
  • Locked Door #1: The hidden vault can only be opened using the secret bunker interior door or the exterior door. You’ll need to get inside the vault to interact with Delilah’s strange effigy.
    • Key Location: Only the real Duke Abele carries the key. Spot the body-double by observing and seeing if he smokes. The real Duke is usually found only in his private quarters, never walking the halls freely.

Mission 9: Death to the Empress

  • Locked Door #1: Dreadful Wale – Still on the ship, you’ll find Meagen Foster’s cabin is locked. It is to the left as you enter the briefing room. Her room contains two bloodcharms.
    • Key Location: Pickpocket Foster looking out toward Dunwall up-top to get the key.
  • Locked Door #2: Streets – To the left of the main barricade leading to the Grand Palace section of the map, there’s a locked door on the third floor of the apartment building.
    • Key Location: The key is found in the cash register, in the Winslow store.
  • Safe #1: Dunwall Streets – Moving toward the Tower, enter the same doctor’s apartment to the right of the main tower entrance gate.
    • Code Location: It’s the same code from Mission 1! Find it written on the painting’s frame above the fireplace.

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