Dishonored 2: How to Solve the Jindosh Lock Puzzle | Eureka Guide


Skip all the factional in-fighting in Dishonored 2’s Dust District and infiltrate Stilton’s Manor the easy way with our solutions guide for the Jindosh door puzzle. Entering the manor in Mission 6 requires a solution, and the only way to get hints or help is by working with either the Overseers or the Howler gang. Both side want something from Corvo / Emily, and if that all sounds like a big hassle, you can completely skip everything with this door code.

There’s even an achievement / trophy for unlocking the door without any hints. That’s “Eureka” — and the only way to earn it is by skipping all those faction-specific missions and focusing on your main objective. Just follow the instructions below, and input all the names (and images) listed in both rows.

Jindosh Lock Puzzle – Solution Guide

The lock puzzle appears in Mission 6: Dust District. Here, you’ll have to side with either the Overseers or the Howlers gang to uncover a secret solution to the Jindosh puzzle door barring you from Stilton’s Manor.

  • HOW TO CHEAT: Want to cheat and unlock this achievement? Enter Durante’s Office, quicksave and read his note. Write down the solution and then quickload. You now have the solution without reading the clue.
    • How to Enter Durante’s Office: The puzzle solution is found in Durante’s room. Find the locked door to his room above the Crone’s Hand Saloon’s main tavern.
    • The key to Durante’s room is found in the Vice Overseer’s office.

But, you can solve the puzzle at any point without having to speak with either faction.

[Note: All solutions are partially randomly generated. Check below for all the solutions we’ve found so far.]

To solve the Jindosh Lock Puzzle, input the following names and heirlooms in order —

  • Solution #1:
    • Family: Winslow | Natsiou | Marcolla | Finch | Contee
    • Heirloom: Bird | Ring | Snuff Tin | Diamond | Medal
  • Solution #2:
    • Family: Winslow | Natsiou | Contee | Finch | Marcolla
    • Heirloom: Snuff Tin | Bird | Diamond | Medal | Ring

Input the following from left-to-right at the door puzzle. Each family name and heirloom only appears once, making it easier to determine which of the five faces you’re missing — never repeat a name or an heirloom image.

If the solution is correct, the doors to Stilton’s Manor will open and you’ll earn the “Eureka” achievement / trophy.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

  • Eureka 
    • Crack the Jindosh Lock without finding the solution elsewhere.

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