Dishonored 2: All Ship Decoration Locations | ‘Souvenirs’ Guide


Remember your time in Karnaka with all ten Dishonored 2 souvenir locations. We’ve got step-by-step instructions for finding each one in the guide below. Some are easy to find on your journey, while others take you to hidden corners of the city.

One such location is Corvo Attano’s abandoned apartment, where he hides his fencing trophy behind the loose bricks in his wall. Others require that you behead Clockwork Soldiers, or rescue doctors driven to madness. Whatever the requirement, the text below will point you in the right direction.

All Ship Decoration Locations | “Souvenirs” Guide

Ship decorations are special collectibles found in each mission. These unique items appear on the mantel in your room on the Dreadful Wale. There is one ship decoration available on each mission — with two appearing in Mission 6 only.

Some ship decorations are collected like runes / blueprints / etc. Others require that you complete a specific task.

Mission 1: A Long Day in Dunwall

  • Samuel Beechworth Carving: Found in the Imperial Safe Room, on the shelf above the mattress in the small living area. The carving is on a small shelf with books.

Mission 2: Edge of the World

  • Elite Helmet: Kill (or knock out) an Elite Guard. These are the guards you’ll find in red uniforms. To be sure you collect the helmet, carry the dead or unconscious body.

Mission 3: The Good Doctor

  • Syringe: Cure Dr. Hypatia by completing the Counter-Serum and administering it to her. Talk to the Doctor’s former assistant in the back room of Dr. Hypatia’s current lab to begin this side-quest.
    • Open Vasco’s vault with the code he gives you. It is located in the office down the hall from where the Janitor is being held for questioning.
    • Collect blood from a dead body, then inject it into the beaker in the lab opposite the safe office. Turn on the bunsen burner to complete the serum.

Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion

  • Clockwork Head: Cut or shoot the head off a Clockwork Soldier. Once the head is off, it will go haywire — destroy it to collect the head automatically.

Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory

  • Broken Whalebone Sword: Find the sword in a display case on the upper level of Breanna Ashworth’s office. Go up the stairs and look to the right — open the display case to collect it. It is located near the door that leads out onto the rooftop.

Mission 6: The Dust District

  • Skiff Approaching Dockyard: The painting is found in the neutral territory between the Overseer Outpost and the Crone’s Hand Saloon. Go through the back grey doors on the far end of the street.
    • Leaving the Howler Territory, you’ll enter a street that connects to the Overseer area. On the left, there’s a closed (and mostly pristine) shop. Smash through the windows to get inside — the painting is on the back-right wall.
  • Blade Verbena Trophy: Go down the road to the left of the Overseer Outpost. Down this road, look left for an empty, seemingly pointless alley. Far Reach / Blink up to a boarded-up window and smash it open.
    • Inside Corvo Attano’s apartment, go to the back-right room and remove the loose bricks to find this secret collectible.

Mission 7: A Crack in the Slab

  • Calendar From 1849: After collecting the Outsider’s Timepiece, go to the past. To the right of the exit door from the piano parlor, there’s a calendar on the endtable. This is the same room where Aramis is being held in the present.

Mission 8: The Grand Palace

  • Broken Gazelle Ornament: Find it directly behind the Delilah effigy you must destroy in the heart of the palace. Behind the effigy, get the ornament from a small display table. It looks like a whalebone.

Mission 9: Death to the Empress

  • Mrs. Pilsen: Don’t talk to Delilah in the Throne Room just yet. Instead, go through the back-left door behind the throne. Go upstairs and into the Safe Room you used to escape in the first mission. The doll is found beneath the sink in the small living area with the mattress.

Collect all 10 to unlock the “Souvenirs” trophy / achievement.

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