Dishonored 2: All Side Missions Guide | Optional Quest Walkthroughs


Take back the streets of Addermire with Emily Kaldwin and Corvo in Dishonored 2 by completing side quests in the middle of your regularly scheduled assassinations. Optional missions, basically, are small jobs you’ll find while exploring the city, usually given by desperate (or criminal) characters watching from the side lines. They’re usually small, but worth exploring for the rewards.

No, you won’t earn traditional rewards like XP, gold, or guns — instead, side missions usually change the way you’ll approach an assassination. Sometimes you’ll find a secret path into a guarded building, unlock an avenue you couldn’t explore before, and find new ways to torment your target with a non-lethal solution. That’s what makes the side missions in the Dishonored series special.

Side Missions Guide

Side missions are optional tasks Emily or Corvo can accept while on a main mission. The sub-goals have a variety of effects — they can help open new paths into areas, provide ways to kill your target, or reveal non-lethal methods.

It’s always a good idea to explore these side missions. They’re usually quick, but if you’re eager to complete the main story, they’re easy to overlook. Here are all the side mission quest-giver locations, and how to complete their jobs.

Mindy Blanchard 

  • Available On: Mission 2 – Edge of the World
  • Location: Climb out the window near the Black Market shop. She’s relaxing on a couch.

Talk to Mindy Blanchard, and she’ll offer to help you find a way inside Addermire Institute. All you have to do is recover a body from the Overseers outpost and deliver it to the basement beneath the old dentist’s office.

  1. Reach Canal Square through the ransacked apartment on the upper left (to the left) as you enter hostile territory. From the window out to the canals, you’ll see a large building covered in hanging flags. This is the Overseer’s outpost.
  2. Enter the Overseer Outpost through the front door and climb up to the top level of the building. It is sparsely guarded — there’s an office where two guards are talking at the top. Take the Interrogation Room key off the guard standing at the desk.
  3. The body is found in the locked room adjacent to this office. Open the door and pick up the body on the chair.
  4. With the body in had, exit through the window and onto the red awnings. Turn right and blink across, then down — move through the archway and turn right to find stairs leading down.
  5. Drop the dead body in the hole to complete the quest.

Finishing this mission will give you an alternate way to access Addermire Institute and unlocks the “Morbid Theft” achievement / trophy.

Assist the Shopkeeper

  • Available On: Mission 5 – The Royal Conservatory
  • Location: Talk to the Black Market Vendor, he’ll mention an associate in a building opposite the Conservatory. Follow the waypoint to find him.

After talking to the Black Market vendor, you’ll get a waypoint on your map to find his associate. Avoid the traps on the way up to the apartment, and read the note on the desk — you’ll also find a bonecharm and a blueprint here.

The note will reveal the shopkeeper is looking for the Roseburrow Prototype, a special item inside the Conservatory. Bring the prototype back to the shopkeeper for a hefty reward and another blueprint.

  • How to Get the Roseburrow Prototype:
    • Take a Rewire Tool from the associate’s room or purchase one from the Black Market.
    • The Roseburrow Prototype is located on the second floor. Circle around to the security room in the hallway behind the display.
      • The fastest way into the Display Room is…
      • Go through the Delivery Entrance (lower-right from the front entrance) and take the stairs up on the right.
      • From the stairs, hug the left wall to pass the display case and find the hallway entrance to the security room.
    • The security room requires a key — you can also get the sword strength upgrade to bust the door down, or use an explosive.
    • Rewire the security terminal inside to avoid getting a lethal electric shock. Now you’re free to take the prototype.

Return to the shopkeeper to gain coin and a blueprint.

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